09 November 2009

Representative Republic?

I'm going to change.
I don't like writing to my elected representatives because it seems like complaining. I don't like complaining and I don't like complainers. It's time for a mental adjustment...
"The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

Back in '78 I wrote both my Senators advising them I thought the Panama Canal Treaty was a mistake. They both sent a form letter in return, telling me about 80% of their constituents agreed with me, but they knew MORE about the situation than the rest of us and they were going to pass the treaty against our wishes.
Now, the Chinese are running the Panama Canal.

Last week I wrote my congressman telling him not to sign this horrendous health care reform bill...
A bill he could not possibly have read, and therefore could not possibly understand. I told him if he passed this bill I would work fervently in the next election to insure he was defeated.
He voted for the bill.

People, we're being ignored by folks who think they're smarter... better than we are. They think they deserve pay raises while they ignore us... while the economy falls apart before our eyes.
They think we need a health care system they won't be subjected to themselves.

It's time for "Change we can believe in", and the only way we can make that change is at the polls.

President Obama asks, "Are ya fired up?"
Yes Sir, I think you'll find we are!


ddf said...

Yes, somewhere in a blog I read that I am a D.R.I.P. "Don't Re-elect Incumbent Politicians".

cj said...

Yup. Throw them all out.

Time to start over.