27 November 2009

Character. Honor. Principles.

Now that it's a fairly sure thing Al Gore was trying to (succeeded in the case of some sheeples), pull the wool over our eyes about this AGW/Climate change fiasco, will he have the character to return his Nobel Peace Prize and his Oscar?
Will those of you who came here and argued that this was settled, "consensus" science have the character and honor to come now and apologize for trying to lead the rest of us to financial destruction?

On both counts, I bet not.
Character. Honor. Principles.


The Old Man said...

Pray, do not hold your breath, for blue is not a good color for your face.

cj said...

Admit they're wrong? Not that bunch. I mean, The One is still going to Copenhagen, isn't he?


cary said...

Oh, come on! I've got FAITH in those who tried to derail us. I'm SURE they will come back, begging forgiveness, and to prove my FAITH in their BASIC GOODNESS I will, in fact, hold my breath:


the golden horse said...

I have suspected for a while now, that the chosen one, will not make a decision on Afghanistan until he holds that hot little award in his hands. He is pandering, again.