16 November 2009


I've been voraciously reading and digesting for quite a while. To the degree my understanding will allow, I've been tryin' to share with ya. (Don't want my peeps to be left behind!)
A few months back I suggested all that money spent on big bailouts would cause more problems than it would resolve because the money supply would increase and eventually make all our dollars worth less... maybe eventually actually make them worthless.
I also have been worried about the FDIC's ability to insure all the accounts of folks in those failing banks and suggested at some point a biggee might fail and
really put a strain on the Fed's already stetched-too-thin insurance coverage.

You may have noticed all the ads for gold on TV?
Even if you haven't,
others have!

By trebling the country's deficit since he's taken office, Obama has turned a terrible GWB economy into a house of cards...
It's just a question of time until the breeze picks up.

I still hope for the best,
But I'm desperately preparing for the worst.

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