25 September 2009


I'm surprised at how few folks are aware of what Bozo is doing in regards to Honduras.
When he ran for President I made the point we COULD judge him by his associations. Now look at the crowd he's running with!


cj said...

I'd say it was scary but I'm over that with Obama. Being scared, I mean. He is what he is and he badly misjudged what the American people stand for. He'll learn.


cary said...

(I'm waiting for Ranando to come in here and defend TEH WON's hangin' with the socialists...)

Greybeard said...

I've gotta believe since he didn't continue responding on the thread about ACORN and voter fraud that "Dawn" has begun to break with Rolando, Cary.
Abandoning Easten Europe,
Failure to close Gitmo,
Deficit trebled,
Unemployment going through the roof,
Economy getting out of control...
Now the question is, will he have the character to come here and admit his mistake?
Place your bet!

cary said...

That's not betting, that's sure thing-ing.

But I'm still not convinced a dyed-in-the-wool libber is going to convert that easily. Converting is one thing, growing character is another.