23 September 2009

Canada, UK... I May Need To Borrow Your Pliers!

Apparently Canada's Health Care system favors one group over another pretty badly...
One group gets immediate, premium care, while the other...
eh, not so much.
What can you do to get the premium health care?
Grow another pair of legs!

I don't know the answer to this question...
Is Veterinary care also free in Canada?


Furniture Rental Toronto said...

Grrr...those videos make me so mad. It's just stupid propaganda that consists of lies! And this video tops all of it. I mean a person pulling his own teeth? Come on! HERE is a very nice video explaining all this nonsense. It's just sad that some people actually believe those against the new health care system.

Take care, Ella

Greybeard said...

Thanks Furniture!
So you're calling those folks liars?
And here is yet another video of shocking care being given by a health care system stretched to its limits.
I work in the health care industry and don't care to trade our system for yours. I've written before, one of our closest friends here is a Canadian, now a naturalized U.S. citizen. She's bringing her sister to the U.S. for care she has to wait too long to receive in Canada.
So long as you can wait, your system works fine, apparently.

Now tell me, does Fido get free care?

Greybeard said...

You know there is something wrong with a bill when congress doesn't want you to see it before they cram it down your throat!

Anonymous said...

Fido does NOT get free healthcare in Canada.

Only time Canadians have a 'two-tiered' health care system is if they choose to spend some of their own money and obtain health care elsewhere. Some provinces will also approve healthcare to be obtained in other provinces or countries and will pay for certain specialized procedures that may not be able to be obtained in their home provinces.

I think most Canadians would agree, our system is NOT perfect.

I wish our neighbo(u)rs to the south the best of luck.

A Canuck

cj said...

GB -

I don't know if they get free vet care or not but I do know it must be hard to get Fido into the doctor in Canada. Not only do Canadians clog up our hospitals and doctors offices, but they also clog up our animal hospitals. It's ridiculous.


Greybeard said...

So Anon-
Fido is on a pay-as-you-go plan and you can get right in to have an MRI or other complex procedure done.
Two legged animals have socialized medicine and wait six months for an MRI?
Neat system. Sign me up!