22 September 2009

Dirty Rotten Men!

I know gal...
Thirty-five miles per hour doesn't seem all that fast when you're cruising along, does it? And I have no doubt your husband was being an awful schmuck. But wouldn't it have been far better to wait for him to stop somewhere before you decided to disembark?

The ambulance folks say you probably tumbled for about 50 feet or so. They know this because you apparently ran outta your shoes trying not to fall. That was the distance from shoes to your road-rash covered body. Somewhere during your body's deceleration your head made solid contact with the concrete pavement, crushing your skull, rendering you unconscious. When you came to, you displayed the typical "fight or flight" symptoms we see so frequently in someone who has had their "bell rung" real good.

They'll take pictures of your noggin. They'll watch for your brain to swell and may drill holes in your skull so it has room to expand by squishing a little grey matter through the hole(s).

(Wouldn't it be nice if the material that squishes out could contain the memories of the argument and your subsequent stepping out of the moving vehicle?)
They'll look you over really good to see if you need skin grafting where the skin was sandpapered completely off... Shoulders, elbows, knees.

Hangover from way too much to drink...
Depressed skull fracture...
Unless they dope you up real good, that pretty head is gonna ache like never before when you wake in the morning.


jinksto said...

I saw this happen once. I was just standing there in my front yard and heard shouting. About the time that I realized that the shouting was coming from a van that was passing by a guy just opened the door and stepped out. He was lucky. It was a grassy shoulder so he just bounced once, rolled a lot and got up. The van backed up and he got back in with the woman driver steadily screaming at him. He had a pretty good limp and was holding one arm kinda funny but didn't appear mostly dead.

All of this happened over the course of about a minute and a half while I stood and watched it from 30 feet away without moving a muscle. Completely surreal.

cary said...

I had a gal TRY to step out of the cab while I was crossing one of the busiest intersection in Glendale right as the playoff game was finishing last year. I DID manage to convince her (with the power door locks) to stay in the car until we got across to the other side, and pulled in to the curb. The guy she was having an argument with was very non-plussed about the whole thing.

Why do people think exiting the car is the best strategy for "winning" the argument?

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your service, and that's one reason I read your blog as much as I can. But I'm older, and your colors make my eyes bleed.

Anyway, thank you again for your service.

Cissy Apple said...

How eerie is this??? I started to type, and then just now, at a very low altitude (just over the treetops) a large-sounding helicopter is going over my house--heading southeast. Not a good sign. It didn't come from Crane, and we rarely see helicopters in this area unless it's a lifeline one. I'm guessing it's a lifeline, but hoping it's some big spender on his way to French Lick.

I'll say a prayer--for the person needing the rescue, for the pilot of the helicopter, and the medical crews onboard and at the hospital...and for the families of all. And I'll say a prayer for the big spender, just in case that's who's on board, that he doesn't lose his ass at the casino like I did last Sunday.

And why would anyone jump out of a car, drunk or not? I can remember how bad it hurt to ride my bike barefoot, turn a corner real sharp in the same direction as my "down" foot on the pedal. SCRAPE! No more skin on my toe knuckles. Do you think that would make me wear shoes the next time I rode my bike? Nope. Kids are knuckleheads, but at least they've got the excuse that they are kids and don't know any better.

Rita said...

The only way I would jump out a moving car is if I was being abducted. Then I'd take my chance with hopefully rolling out of the car and getting a few injuries. I'd rather die that way than have some lunatic take me to God-knows-where.

cj said...

I'm with Rita - that would be about the only situation that I could see my exiting a vehicle while it was moving.

Drunk people, however, do not bear any resemblance to any sane individual.


Greybeard said...

Bleeding eyes, Anon? We CAN'T be havin' that!
You used to be able to click "show original post" on the comments page and it would show the post in its entirety in black and white, but I just noticed you can no longer do that here.
But you CAN left click with your mouse and highlight the text, turning the background white and the letters blue... an easy to read contrast.
Try it and see how that works for ya.

And thank you for recognizing my (and several of my commenters) service. I was raised to love my country so service was as natural to me as loving my family.
Still, it's nice to hear.
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to type a caring comment.