19 August 2009

This Is A Joke, Right?

I was riding my bike into town on a feeder street to buy a few needs for later activities. In the oncoming lane a big Crown Victoria came to a stop and flagged me as I passed...
"Sir, can you help me?"...
A bald-headed man, probably 80 years old, maybe older.

"Well I'll try. Whatcha need?"

"Do you know where the Comcast Cable office is? I need to pay my bill there."

"No sir, I don't do business with them. Do you have an address for them?"

"No I don't. I have the bill here..." (Flashes the the bill at me.) "I'm assuming they're in the business section in town."
(Our town of 7,000 has one main drag where most businesses are located.)

"Do you have a phone number for them?" (I have my cell phone and will call them if it's a local call.)

"No, all I have is their business office in Indiana."

"So you set off to pay this bill not knowing where you were going? You wanted an adventure, didn't you!"

"Yeah, I guess I did."

I got him turned around and headed back toward our business district where he said he'd ask for more directions. I had to laugh... this incident reminded me so much of this joke.
On his bumper? This sticker-



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Rita said...

Hilarious. I suppose it was your fault too.