19 August 2009

This Doc Has Read The Bill!

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We now know more about how some legislators are trying to force this legislation into law, despite the fact most of them haven't read the bill and cannot correctly answer questions posed to them at Town Hall meetings.

(And I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to read Flightfire's "long response" about the anesthesiologists compensation!)

Have you read the Bill?

Of course not. Nor have I. I'm not sure I'd understand it even IF I read it.
This note looks genuine to me, and Dr. Fraser takes the work out of it for the rest of us...

"Senator, I guarantee that I personally will do everything possible to inform patients and my fellow physicians about the dangers of the proposed bills you and your colleagues are debating.

Furthermore, If you vote for a bill that enforces socialized medicine on the country and destroys the doctor/patient relationship, I will do everything in my power to make sure you lose your job in the next election."

You GO Doc, and THANK YOU!
Dr. Stephen E. Fraser's easily understandable summation and full email to Senator Evan Bayh is
at this link.


Rita said...

Aaaghhhh, Bayh. He was a decent governor and I actually voted for him in his first run for Senator.

BIG mistake! He's more interested in sucking up to the party than in representing Indiana.

I can't wait to campaign for WHOEVER his opponent is in his next election.

Throw the bum OUT! In fact, let's throw ALL the bums out and start over again with some REAL people.

Crown-n-coke said...

You all know that you will have to be reported now. There has been a request by the whitehouse to report all negative comments made on the internet about Obama's health plan to flag@whitehouse.gov check out the vid on youtube about this, Big Brother is here!

Crown-n-coke said...

here is one of the links about this request from the lefty's

cj said...

Man, there is some scary, scary stuff in there. This has got to be stopped.

And, Crown, I did my patrotic duty the other day and reported myself. Knowing me like I do, I'll probably wind up reporting myself some more...

After all, ratting each other out to Big Brother is the patrotic thing to do, right? (That's sarcasm, btw).


cary said...

I've already reported myself:

Go Flag Yerself!

Rita said...

I think everyone should make a concerted effort to report all the stupid leftist sites that lie about the plan. Let them spend their time trying to wade through that mess.

Greybeard said...

Folks, I keep hearing the intent for Bozama is to "Get something passed" by year's end, even if it is a watered down version of this Deathcare legislation. That will be the "Camel's nose in the tent" to inexorably move this disaster forward.
It's now imperative we let our legislators know we WILL NOT tolerate the passage of a bill none of them have read, much less digested.
You can no longer be a "silent majority".
Find your voice!

Crown-n-coke said...

I heard someone turned in Joe Biden for saying things that are "fishy" I am going to turn in Obama for lying about himself, I say video of him saying he was for a single payer system while he was running for office. I think Im going to have to turn myself in again also. I can't help myself. I love Big Brother, singed Winston Smith. P.S. your all thoughtcriminals to room 101 with all of you!

Flightfire said...


A doctor who has time to read a entire 1000 page health care bill. OH!! It's an anesthesiologist. Of course, those are really the only health care providers with enough time on their hands to read this entire bill.

Of course he wants to protect the status quo. Anesthesiologists is one of the highest paid specialties, because all the other procedure-based specialties know they need them. Sure looks like he's earning that big salary.

Greybeard said...

Please clarify for me,FF...
Are you saying this anesthesiologist should be paid less? Is his pay too high for the education he had to absorb to do his job? Are the risks he has to take not commensurate with his pay?
Or are you saying he should work longer hours to earn that high pay?
Are you insinuating that Docs in general are overpaid?
I'm confused.

Bottom line, he thinks Bozama's bill stinks.
Do you think Bozama's bill stinks?
Do you think our legislators should read and understand the bill before they pass it into law?

Do you think union thugs from Chicago should be travelling to St. Louis on Bozama's behalf to beat up constituents there that want their legislators to read the damn bill?

Some dude you elected, man.

Crown-n-coke said...

The same of Chi-town politics of thugery only now it's packed up and moved to D.C. and now he has his own SS troops know as the voter fraud org ACORN fully funded by US taxpayers.

Crown-n-coke said...

I think I'm going to have to turn myself into the thought police again. I hope Big Brother will have mercy on me and shoot me before my thoughts stray again. Back to room 101 with me.

Greybeard said...

Buelle... 'er, Flightfire...


Flightfire said...

Had a whole long response, but life got in the way of internet fun. Currently working 10 hrs/day and studying 5 hrs/day. Will get back to you when test is done.

Flightfire said...

Yes, I'm basically saying this anesthesiologist should be paid less. I don't want to rag on anesthesiology as it is a needed field and there are a great many anesthesiologists who take wonderful care of their patients. However, there are just as many anesthesiologists who read 1000 page health care bills while their patients are under the knife. Would you want that guy taking care of you? Of your children?

Out of a class of 140 last year, 22 people went into anesthesiology. Only 5 went into general surgery. Why? Because anesthesiology is one of the highest paying fields in medicine, it has cushy hours, and you don't have to deal with patients. I don't blame the people who went into it, I blame the system for encouraging us to go into such a specialized fields to pay back our loans.

I'm not saying that doctors in general are overpaid, I'm saying that certain specialties receive disproportionate compensation for what they are doing. The highest paid specialties are not the ones who contribute the most to your overall health, they are the ones who can do a bunch of minor procedures and bill for every little thing. The Internal Medicine doctor spends hours and makes the rare diagnosis and earns next to nothing for doing it. He correctly refers the patient to dermatology and the dermatologist makes all the money for lopping off a small piece of skin. Sounds like a fair distribution of resources right?

You want the smartest doctors going into Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Peds, and General Surgery, and right now all the smartest people are fleeing those specialties with every residency match. This is the true destruction of the American Health Care system, and if we don't fix it right now, you're going to be paying out your ass for medical care in your Golden Years.

This is one of the most important things in health care reform. I still haven't figured out if the bill addresses this. This anesthesiologist doesn't really know what's going either. The bill is still in committee in both houses, they still have to vote on it individually, then they conference and compromise and then they vote on it again. You can get all foamy at the mouth when that happens...and I'm sure you will.

As far as reading and understanding a bill, Yes I think they should...when a final bill comes out of either house for a vote.

I'll get back to you on the town hall meetings question.

cj said...

Question, Flightfire.

Why are people fleeing things like surgery and OB/GYN?

I think it's dishonest to assume they're all doing it for the money. I think malicious lawsuits have something to do with it.

Tort reform and a sensible civil court system would help keep costs in check.

Got a little story to share and I'll try to keep it short:

A doctor's wife called a radio talk show awhile back to tell the story of her husband, an OB/GYN. He was providing care for a woman on some form of government insurance. The woman developed complicates requiring extra care (and not much extra compensation). She had to undergo bed rest for the last month of her pregnancy. The baby arrived perfectly healthy. The woman, however sued the doctor... because bedrest gave her stretch marks.

Idiotic people like that would drive me into a safer speciality.