14 August 2009


Four years ago I published this post questioning why folks follow professional sports, considering Pro athletes don't normally play in cities they grew up in. Today Michael Vick held a news conference announcing he's returning to NFL football with the Philadelphia Eagles. How's that make you feel?

If people have paid their dues for an error I'm all for giving them a second chance. Still, I don't understand why we're paying this man over a million dollars to play a game in a city far away from where he grew up.

It simply makes no sense to me at all.


Epijunky said...

The Eagles are dead to me.

Erik said...

Not a comment!

Hi GB, you might enjoy this site.




The Old Man said...

Stallworth is dead to me...

cj said...

Personally, I find Vick's statements about how he now understands that people care about their pets to be disingenuous at best and insulting at worst.

Any man who could literally beat a dog to death by slamming it against the ground has serious mental problems that two years in prison are not going to fix.

But since I don't follow football it's not that big a problem for me.