16 July 2009

Universal Health Care

As a lifetime member of the NRA I have always said I'd be in favor of gun control, so long as I was the one in charge of the program. I do not want Nancy Pelosi to be "The Decider". Current trends seem to indicate we've gotten over the hump insofar as guns are concerned...
Seems more folks now realize the truth in the saying, "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

Now we see the big push for Universal Health Care. And time is of the essence...
We MUST pass this bill before the end of August, no matter how terrible the details might prove to be.

Bruce McQuain of
QandO states my fears exactly...
Do you want Madame Speaker deciding whether you are worthy of a kidney transplant?
I don't.

Go read Bruce's post and see what you think.


jinksto said...

Two notes:
Remember during the fall all of the global warming chatter suddenly went very quiet for a few months. Just when we thought they'd given up they came up with a new plan and have been shoving global climate change at full force. They're not done with guns yet... bet on it.

As for healthcare, the only way that Obama can get things passed is to ram them down our throats before we wake up to the fact that the drones are not quite truthful.

cj said...

I live on the border with Canada and I know just how 'wonderful' their health care is - it's so 'wonderful' that they all come over here!

Contact your Senators and demand they vote this power grab down!


Rita said...

Just found this. No private health insurance. Surprise Surprise.


Flightfire said...

A subject near and dear to my heart. Quick word before I'm off to work in my communist, choice-stealing, government run community clinic.

Read this:
The Cost Conundrum

It basically says that it doesn't really matter who pays the bill. What we have to change is the way that doctor's get paid. Instead of reimbursing doctors for surgeries and procedures, we need to reimburse them for the real heavy lifting of medicine...diagnosis and behavior change.

Surgery is the easy part once you have the diagnosis. It's getting people to change their behavior and start eating healthy and exercising that is the really hard part of medicine. If we do that, we get better health care at a lower cost.

Greybeard said...

From that article...
“The greatest threat to America’s fiscal health is not Social Security,” President Barack Obama said in a March speech at the White House. “It’s not the investments that we’ve made to rescue our economy during this crisis. By a wide margin, the biggest threat to our nation’s balance sheet is the skyrocketing cost of health care. It’s not even close.”

More Obama lies. (I swear, it's scary how easily this man lies to us.) Just 'cause he says it's so...
don't mean it's so.

But lets take his comment at face value... that our health care costs are the number one threat to our fiscal solvency. What would be the best way to control those costs? As individuals, we have almost NO control over what our care costs right now. My wife has a procedure done and I get seven bills from seven different agencies, and I pull my hair out trying to figure out what the insurance company will pay for and what I have to pay. What control did I have over those costs? Government and insurance companies have made such a mess or our health care, we line up like automatons and take whatever they give us no matter the cost, and just try to limit what comes out of our pocket. That's gotta change.

I want more freedom!
Give us a free market system in health care. Give us Health Savings Accounts. Let's shift responsibility for the cost of health care back to individuals. Let's lower the cost of health care the same way we lower the cost of other resources...
By making health care providers compete for our business.