11 July 2009

So You Are... ?

Dan Quayle was an idiot.
George W. Bush was a buffoon.
Sarah Palin was incompetent and an airhead.
Republican leaders at the national level are all stupid, aren't they?!!

Can you think of a democrat that has similarly been "given the treatment" by our liberal media?
(And Joe Biden doesn't count. After all, that's "Just Joe bein' Joe... Ha Ha Ha!")

You allowed the media to spoon-feed you this "Hope and Change" mush without questioning the huge gaps in BHO's resume.
So if Dan Quayle's an idiot, GWB is a buffoon, and Sarah Palin is a lightweight, that makes you...


Bob Barbanes said...

Look man, Dan Quayle *was* an idiot; GWB *was* a buffoon. There is no arguing these points, and I doubt even you would try. Sarah Palin? Don't get me started - was that the best the Republican Party could do? Sheesh. Huck would have been ten times the VP she would have. (In fact, Mike Huckabee would've made a fine President.)

What does that make me? Optimistic and/or hopeful, I guess. Hopeful that we can do better with *this* president than the last.

But you know what? I don't really care. I'm not married to Obama. If he can't produce at least some of the things he promised, he'll be a one-term wonder. And I'll betcha (to coin a phrase), the way things are going he's probably got Allied Van Lines' phone number on his speedy dial...you know...just in case.

And that's the beauty of our political system: It is self-correcting. Unlike the phony democracies in countries like Venezuela (and Honduras, evidently), our Constitution can't be modified to allow Presidents to serve indefinitely. If our #1 guy ain't doing the job, t'row the bum out!

The United States of America will not go out of business in the next 3.5 years. It will not be sold to the Chinese, and we're not going to be standing in 1930's breadlines. So just calm down and relax. You might not like Obama (might?), but if he can't produce he'll be gone soon enough. How many Presidents have you counted in *your* lifetime already?

As an aside, let me point something out. Nobody promised you anything for or from this life. You have a job, and you seem to have a nice life (although I hope you got the a/c fixed in that car). The fact that you are a Republican does not mean that you're entitled to...well...anything, although you may feel that you are.

Thus, your foaming-at-the-mouth hatred of Democrats and the threat they appear to pose to your continued, much-valued "way of life" simply cannot be healthy. I wish I had the time and energy to devote as much thought, attention, anguish and anger to politics as you do. You must have a lot of free time - something for which you should be extremely thankful.

Me, I've got a life to lead.

The Old Man said...

Nice ad hominem, Bob. If, as you say, you don't care, then go back to "American Idol" and "Survivor". Lead a nice life and worry not. But some of us who signed a blank check to the USA cashable for up to and including our life are more than a might disturbed by Hopey McChange's approach to guiding America through the rocks and shoals of the dangers of the 21st century.
Huckabee may have been a fair president but thanks to ObamACORN's manipulation of the voter rolls, he never made it to the starting gate. Oh well. And if you think America can't be pushed off the hill in the next 3.5 years, pay attention to the foreign entanglements that the Foggy Bottom and Turtle Bay crowd are binding our freedom of action with - and not waiting for the 100 mental midgets in the Senate to ratify the treaties, either.

So enjoy your life, Robert, while you imagine the sentries are all crying "Wolf!". YOUR sense of entitlement appears to know no boundaries. I wish you actually spent some time applying some "thought, attention, anguish and anger to politics" as you do to regurgitating hope and change and denigrating other folks' thoughts and opinions.
Take care.

ddf said...

So it appears that a consensus has been reached by two diverse viewpoints; politicians that "don't produce" should be thrown out. ...and regardless of what the Press has to say about the competencies of either of the parties leaders, the ability to produce results should be the determining factor.

So compare the results of Alaska's governor with those of the former Senator from Illinois.

cj said...

Geez, Bob, how condesending can one person be?

Out of curiosity, what, exactly, do you have against Governor Palin? The fact that she's cut Alaska's budget and insured a multi-BILLION dollar surplus for her state at a time when most states can't make ends meet? Or is it the fact that she stands for freedom, hard work, and behind the Constitution? Or maybe, like so many of those open-minded liberals have shown, you don't like the fact that she's the proud mother of five children, including a special needs child that most women on the left would've aborted?

GB is not alone in his concerns. It will take years to undo the damange the liberals are doing to this country and if you can't understand that, you're part of the problem.


Greybeard said...

Again Bob, thanks for your input. It's important for all to see how both sides are approaching this issue, isn't it?

Funny though, I thought I made a pretty solid point with my post, and you didn't address it at all-
"Can you think of a democrat that has similarly been 'given the treatment' by our liberal media?"
The fact that you attacked me personally, rather than address my post, is telling isn't it?
The liberal press accused Dan Quayle of misspelling potato, (and later were shown to be fools themselves because it turned out his spelling is also recognized as correct). He also dropped the ball on a few speeches. The press ridiculed him unmercifully.
Obama announces we now have 57 States, and screws up a speech, then qualifies it by saying "I haven't had much sleep in the past 48 hours", and he is adored by the press corps.
If you cannot see the truth in my post questioning the unequal treatment of the two parties Bob, I'll agree with CJ and ask.
That makes you... What?

(And I've read your posts about working in what many might consider paradise. Let's hope in 3 1/2 years we all still have enough freedoms we can agree that life is STILL pretty good.)

No hard feelings, man.

texasnana said...

Dan Quayle was not an idiot - he just took direction too well, I happen to believe GWB was a great President -maybe a slip up in an area or two - but the man kept us safe - Sarah Palin may well be a future President - in my opinion she was the ONLY bright spot in the McCain ticket. At this moment in time Republican leaders (?) have an opportunity of a lifetime to take a step out on the plank to get our attention. Mr. Gengrich is trying - anybody listening? Micheal Steele is sending emails (yawn).
Anybdy read Liberty & Tyranny by Mark Levin?

I am a sweet Texas woman smarter than most, underestimated by many, watching and waiting to do whatever is necessary. My husband holds me back from going to tea parties because he thinks i need protection which is frustrating - I am trying to convince him we must get more involved - hopefully he will begin to understand before it is too late - I fear our granddaughter will not grow up in the America our children grew up in . . . . . . I already know she won't grow up in the one I grew up in :>(

Rita said...

It seems that many do not realize they get as much information about the Republican "idiots" as the media can decide what is news.

Years ago I worked with a liberal democrat who had at one point worked in Washington at the time of GW 41. She had met both he and Dan Quayle.

And even this liberal democrat explained it was just sad that the media portrayed Dan Quayle to be an idiot. She said he was actually very bright and didn't agree with what we all saw on tv about him.

I am sick of the media trying to tell me what to think. I happen to look beyond the headlines and the 24/7 cable stations and make up my own mind.

And I don't believe everything I hear on the "news" or read on the internet.

I do know one thing. America was kept safe after 9/11. And I believe we have one President to thank for that. He brought me comfort at a time when I felt like the world as I knew it was ending. I really do not care at all what Washington or California thinks of that.

And excuse me for caring what happens in America today. Frankly, I think it's important.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Bob,

Who peed in your Wheaties today?

You had better start shaking that sand out of your ears, you could get left behind.

Bob Barbanes said...

Left behind, anonymous? How so? I'm debt-free, got money in the bank, haven't been laid-off and my 401(k) - while not exactly flourishing - has not gone out of business.

I always get a good belly laugh when I hear people say, "George Bush kept us safe after 9/11!" Dear Lord, do people really believe this? That the great George Bush prevented another attack on America through his...well, what did he do, exactly? What a false sense of security some people have!

Terrorists will attack America when and where they choose. Nobody, not even the saintly George Bush can or could have prevented that. And if they could, this would not be an America you or I would want to live in. I kinda like living in a free country, risks and all.

As for Obama, I hardly think that anyone can expect a wholesale, drastic change in our economy in the mere six months that the man has been in office. It seems as though people want him to fail so badly that they're jumping to the foregone conclusion that he and his policies already have. In...six...months. Nice objectivity there. Like I said, I'm patient, and I take the long view.

Ah, Sarah Palin. Yikes. Resigning halfway through her first term as Governor of Alaska may not have been the most politically-savvy career move. It'll be interesting to see what the real reasons behind the resignation are, hmm?

Finally, cj says it'll take years to undo the damage that "the liberals" are doing to this country. Uh-huh. Tell you what, it's going to take years to undo the damage that's already been done. GWB may not have single-handedly created this depression, but he did little to rectify or prevent it. Obama didn't create it either, but it's okay to blame him because the cleanup hasn't come overnight? Yeaaaahhhhhh, right.

I'm not sure I see the Republican/Conservative line of thinking there, if that's what you call it. But you know what? I really don't care, as I said. I live my life, go about my business, and don't waste a whole lot of negative energy hating people as much as some apparently do. I guess at my age energy is an ever-dwindling commodity and I'd rather spend it positively. In fact, if I were to feel really strongly that the country was headed down a path of destruction, I might try to make a difference - like maybe run for political office - instead of sniping from the sidelines that the ones who were actually elected aren't doing such a good job.

But that's just me.

-Bob Barbanes,
Pensacola, Florida
(Not anonymous and not a "handle")

cj said...

Okay, Bob, we get it. You have a life.

For the record, a recent government report pins the blame on the economic collapse on Fannie and Freddie and the housing bubble. Remember that? President Bush tried time and again to get Congress to do something to rein them in but good ol Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and Barack Obama (who got considerable donations from said agencies) refused to see any problem and take action. And Bill Clinton - surely you remember him - pushed them to make even more risky loans so to blame Bush because he did nothing to stop it strains credibility to the utmost.

As for Governor Palin... how typical. Resort to rumor and smear tactics. For the record, her detractors have been saying 'just wait for the real reason' since July 3rd yet nothing has come out. First it was the FBI investigation that was about to arrest her for embezzlement... until the FBI said nope, no investigation. Now here you are saying, yet again, just wait. My question? For what? Care to give us a hint? Oh, wait, I know. It's the newest ethics violation filed against her today saying it was wrong for her to run for vice president.

As for Obama - he's the one who crowed about saving the country, about how unemployment wouldn't go above 8 percent, about how the stimulus would save millions of jobs... The facts say differently. The facts say that the State of New Hampshire has spent 416 million taxpayer dollars to create a sum total of 34 full time jobs. Wow! Such amazing returns. Are you really going to say that we shouldn't hold Obama to the same standards that you clearly hold President Bush to? Nice tactic, that.

History shows us that you cannot tax and spend your way out of a recession or depression. New studies, in case you missed it, show all FDR's programs did was prolong the Great Depression. I'm sorry that it bothers you but I don't want to prolong this misery one day longer than it has to be.

Oh, and for the record - I was against the TARP when President Bush proposed it. I was against his prescription drug program. But I also believe the actions he and his admiistration took helped prevent another attack on US soil, which is ultimately what the main job of the government is supposed to be and not, as Obama seems to think, taking over private business and taxing the country into oblivion.


Rita said...


Belly laugh on Bush's administration keeping us safe after 9/11.

Oh, wait. That really did happen, didn't it?

Guess I had a false sense of security, which collapsed on January 20, 2009.

Silly me.

Bob Barbanes said...

cj, not to hijack someone else's blog (I mean, I do have one of my own), but your comments are interesting. So you're saying that politics and economics are complicated, and the blame for any particular situation cannot be laid at the foot of one man, is that it? Now. Do we say the same thing about the recovery?

And Sarah Palin. Heh. There are those who defend her tenaciously. But she is making them seem, well, silly. Resigning halfway through her FIRST term as Governor of Alaska is...is it anything other than disturbing? I mean, if she was doing such a great job... So there is no rumor or innuendo needed - she is providing it all herself by her very questionable actions.

For instance:

We now learn that Ms. Palin has offered to campaign for some DEMOCRATS! What the!? Is she out of her mind? Democrats?? Yeah, she's the darlin' of the Republican party, eh boys?

Lordamighty, I just might have to make a political post on *my* blog if this insanity keeps up. And to think, I used to get most of my laughs from old "Seinfeld" reruns.

Greybeard said...

I'm gonna do something "The Bob" and other lefties seldom do...
Admit he has a point.
I too am troubled by the fact that Sarah Palin resigned rather than fight the good fight. But unlike The Bob, who wants us to give Bozama time to sort out the unfolding economic collapse but wants an instant answer as to "Why?" in Sarah's case, I'll wait and watch as both unfold. And Bob, you can't have it both ways, Dude...
Sarah may in fact be trying to point out there are some democrats like "Flash" Obama (and some repubs) who are destroying the very fabric of our nation, and others from both parties who are trying their darndest to heal our ills. Wouldn't it be interesting if she used her "celebrity" to actually do what Bozama claimed he'd do (but has in fact aggravated)...
Heal political and racial wounds and try to bring us closer together.

If you go back and read posts here just before the election, you'll see that many of us were not happy at all with the "Republican" candidate for President, who, just a few years before had actually considered switching parties.
And man, for a guy accusing others of hate, you sure dish out your fair share...
Time to chill.

I'm still watching anxiously for your response to the original post..
Enlighten us!

cj said...

Bob -

I'm not sure I said the economic collapse was all that difficult or complex. It can be traced directly back to the liberals and their pushing the idea that everyone deserves to own a home... even if they can't afford one.

The recovery could be a lot simpler than Obama is making it - STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DO NOT HAVE. Is he doing that? No. He makes jokes about being out of money while planning on spending another trillion dollars on health care that will be a nightmare.

And, you need to pay more attention to what Governor Palin actually says, rather than what the media thinks she said. She said she would campaign for anyone who believes in the same conservative values that she does, Republican, Democrat, Independent, or no party at all. Are you saying there are no conservatives in the Democrat party?

So, I'll try one more time to explain what Governor Palin said when she announced her resignation - the State of Alaska has spent almost two million dollars on these stupide 'ethics' complaints. She is, personally, over $500,000 in debt because of them. The complaints have made it almost impossible for her to get anything done as governor. So, in the best interest of the state, she is stepping down and handing the reins over to a man who will continue on the path she has already set up. He's a good man and now, when he runs for re-election, he'll be an incumbent, which will go a long way toward keeping the state in good conservative hands.

Such horrible reasons for stepping down, aren't they? I mean, how dare she put the good of the state before her own political ambitions. Which, by the way, she dealt with by saying "if I die politically, I die".

That's one seriously evil woman.


the golden horse said...


Standing ovation to you and your good points.

We are being accused of supporting Palin tenaciously, when in fact, what could be more tenacious that someone supporting the very people that are doing their very best to tear this country apart?
There is no one more nasty than someone that will stand behind, Dodd, Pelosi, Frank and the whole gang. yeah, those are people to support.

You are so correct in stating that Bush and McCain as well, tried twice to stop this mortgage fiasco, but, of course, the Dems know so much more than us.

Bob Barbanes said...

GB: I'm gonna do something "The Bob" and other lefties seldom do...
Admit he has a point.

Whoa, big fella! I will freely admit when an adversary has a point - when they actually do. For instance, I agree that Nancy Pelosi is a mental case.

I disagree with you that I want an instant answer in the case of Sarah Palin's resignation. On the contrary, I said I was happy to wait and watch it unfold, and I am. Should be interesting! Or at least, entertaining.

See, me, I'm no expert on politics. Neither am I an expert on economics, as some of you seem to be. I think that guys like Barack Obama, Tim Geithner and people like that have *MUCH* more education than I do. They are closer to the situation, know far more of the facts, and have a much wider perspective on the big picture than I.

And so it would be ridiculous...insane, perhaps...for me to suppose that I know better than them what would "fix" the current state of the economy. I mean, wouldn't it seem just a teensy bit, you know, bizarre that a career helicopter pilot (meaning me) might try to tell the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES how to run the country? Could I possibly be so pompous...so presumptuous...so arrogant? Well, no, I cannot. For I am just an average American of average intelligence who gets his news from the same places you people do.

Barack Obama is our President. Whether you voted *for* him, voted *against* him, or didn't vote at all...AMERICA voted and he won. The system worked as advertised, like it's supposed to. If you don't like it, you can whine and bitch and moan all you want. But remember, you'll get another chance in four short years.

And if you REALLY think you are smarter and could do a better job than Obama, you are welcome to run against him and find out. Good luck with that. I mean, if this unqualified, stupid, ignorant black man who doesn't know what the hell he's doing can become President, why can't any of you anonymous posters here do it?


Greybeard said...

Actually Bob, you may be on to something there...
I was once a Dog Catcher. That gives me about the same executive experience as Bozama, right?
I'll look into filing for the next election. Now all I need is a thug for my Chief of Staff. Know anyone to fill that position?

Rita said...

Hey GB. You've got my vote. I'm sick of all these "politicians". Let's turn government back to the people.

cj said...

Hey, GB, you've got my vote.

Well, pooh. I feel ignored. I guess I didn't make sense when I explained about Governor Palin... or maybe I made too much sense.

And I'm amazed at the number of people who believe that being elected president means you have some sort of advance IQ or super intelligence that puts you above the average citizen. Strange, but I thought all it took was a slick political machine and unlimited funding... and NO president has EVER been better, smarter, or more anything than the average American citizen.

Of course, there are those who seek the office who aren't actually in it for the glory or the fame or to control everything we citizens do, say, and think but it'll be four years before we can even think about electing someone like that again.

I'll get back to you on the thug-for-hire...