27 August 2008

Right Wing Nut Cases

We see that phrase a lot, don't we? We folks on the political right are wackos, crazos, and Nazis.
Yeah, sure.

One of my blog acquaintances, a political conservative, has, for two nights in a row received "wee hours" threatening telephone calls. For obvious reasons I cannot share his name or his Website. He hopes one day to publish his work, and for that reason has been blogging under his real name and has made no attempt to conceal where he lives. It was an easy matter to find his phone number.
He is concerned enough that he is talking with the local police.

In the last election, tires were slashed, automobiles were vandalized, and bullets were fired through campaign headquarters at republican/conservative facilities.
Right Wing nut cases?


Autorotate said...

Freedom of speech is only allowed if you agree with them.

Findalis said...

The moonbats on the left call us right wing nutcases. But we don't shoot up their offices, slash their tires, or harass them at all hours of the day and night (which btw is illegal and should be reported to the authorities).

I have found the moonbats to be cold and heartless in their personal lives, and those on the right to be warm and caring individuals.

BTW: Love the blog!

cj said...

Gotta love the liberal idea of free speech, don't ya?

Tell your friend to be careful and I admire him for fighting the good fight.


Jordan Hixon said...

I have been called a Nazi,wacko, crazo and all that jazz, but I have yet to hear a liberal tell me why I am one. I mean if you dish out an insult atleast back it up with why I am one, but time and time again the opposing side says its because I like Bush. Also I have seen many similarities between Nazi's and liberals. For example, with Obama he is using class warfare to create hatred for the rich. Hitler took advantage of poor citizens in Germany to turn against the entire continent.In other words though either way it is pointless and childish to call people names. The liberals have the mindset of a five year old and only vote the way they do for hatred of the other side. I do not take them seriously and nobody else should either. They are just plain fools.

cj said...

Hey, Jordan -

I work at a small university in the midwest and I'm appalled by the number of students who make statements such as "I hate George Bush" and then, when asked, have absolutely nothing to back it up with besides "just because". Whatever happened to critical thinking?