06 August 2008


A little over a year ago, I lost 17 pounds in just under 4 months, through calorie counting and exercise. At that time I blogged that the only way I would keep that weight off was to have a weekly weigh-in and, if I found I'd gained a pound, lose it right away.
There is no worse fool than those that fool themselves... I didn't follow my own advice, and I've gained EVERY SINGLE POUND back! I'm ashamed of myself.

Sara Jean has been suffering hot flashes. They are so bad, I'm not too worried about our heating bills this Winter. (And that's not much of an exaggeration... she has been known to suddenly shed most of her clothing in an instant... it would be entertaining, if she wasn't in such discomfort.)
She's taking three different medicines to counter the effects of all she's experiencing, and for whatever reason... change of life, medicine, or some other problem, she now has also added a few pounds to her tall frame.
So together we've declared war.

She has had some luck with Nutrisystem in the past, and I like that plan because it provides the necessary nutrition with meals that aren't skimpy and have enough variety to keep her from getting bored. She ordered the plan, and I'm expecting it to arrive later today.
Me? I'll just do what I did before- exercise more and eat less.

But on the exercise side, I've had the bicycle out for a month now, running errands into town on it rather than starting the car and wasting the biggest part of a gallon of fuel to drive 6 miles round-trip in a car with a cold engine. It's felt pretty good.
Today I decided I'd try to ride the 11 mile course I rode daily,
27 years ago. You may remember, I used to be able to ride that distance in 36 minutes on my old 10 speed. Today, on my mountain bike, which is a little heavier and probably not geared as high as the old bike, I did the 11 miles in 62 minutes. It's 85+ F. outside, so this old man ain't ashamed with that performance. I'll work on the time, but the main thing is to enjoy the ride so I don't quit... right?

One more thing...
I blogged some time ago about the "Peticure" thingy on TV and wondered if it worked.
Surfing the net led me to this video:

Today I got out my dremel and tried it on Lucy. She was terrified of the "Dentist's drill" sound, but otherwise didn't resist nearly as much as she used to when I got out the pet clippers.
I'm sold. If you've got a dog, the dremel is the way to go because it has so many other uses!


nec Timide said...

I hear ya brother. My BP has been creeping up for some time. I've always been on the high side of the bell curve even when the service kept me in shape. Now its flirting with a regulatory line in the sand. There are now lots of meds that will still allow me to fly, but it was enough to get me on the tread mill daily. Well that and the wide screen TV we got for the wall in front of it. Now I still may have to take meds, but I feel a lot better and have more energy and have lost weight, so its all good.

cary said...

Funny - I was with you then, and I'm with you now. I gotta get rid of the re-gain, too.

I'm back at 220, so my target for the next month is going to be five. After that, we'll see how fast I can get sub-200 again.

I've been doing the bike thing off and on, it looks like it's going to have to be more "on" than "off" now, for sure.

ddf said...

Nutisystem seems to work for me, because it is so simple. Pop a meal in the microwave and thats about it. MRE without the flavor. Tolerable

As for heat flashes, forget about your programmable thermostat.

Jack said...

I'm with you on the lack of a heating bill this winter. Unfortunately for us, the hot flashes hit my better half during the hottest days this summer. 95F outside, and the thermostat was set to 65F. Doubled our bill for June. Ouch!

mkquilts1965 said...

Greybeard -
Do you think the dremel would work on a cat? Maybe I should try this on Tony the Tiger........I won't tell him that Uncle Greybeard suggested it.

Greybeard said...

MK, the only question about whether or not it will work on Tony is if you can control him. There are YouTube videos showing folks doing it with cats... search for them.
And please, I enjoyed Tonys company on the sleeper-sofa last time, and don't want to foul that relationship.
You take the blame!