27 August 2008

Don't Tell Mom...

I'm continually searching the blogosphere for other "helicopter" blogs. Weblogs come and go, and the only other thriving helo blog I have found is Maria's Blog. Maria's helicopter related posts are wonderful, but she, like me, blogs on whatever interests her at a given time, so many posts aren't helicopter related. We don't see eye to eye politically, so with Maria I have learned to bite my tongue and ignore those posts.

So imagine my surprise when I happened upon a blog with "Autorotate" in the title! There are even Sikorsky Blackhawks in a beautiful photo in the blog header, (along with the completion of the phrase that is the title of this post)!

And politics? Well, let's say the site seems to be short of "lower the collective while simultaneously applying anti-torque to reduce yaw" information there. So far, "Lucky 13" seems to be in the conservative corner, writing stuff that is delightfully politically incorrect. If you are in the "Hopey-Changey" cult, don't bother checking this blog.

I'm hopeful we'll see rotary-wing stuff in the future. In the meantime, I've chuckled at a few of the political posts there.
Check it out.


Autorotate said...

I like to think of it more like preventing the retreating blade stall occurring in the liberal mind.

Thanks for the love...going to be adding you to my blog roll right now.

And thank you for your service...its because of your legacy I stand here today.


emily said...

And autorotate found me through you.....small world!

*runs to post more helo stuff*

Maria Langer said...

Thanks tons for the link love. Wish we could get along on the politics, but does it really matter?

Greybeard said...

Boy Maria, let me venture out onto thin ice and see if I can make my point-

I am a Viet Nam veteran.
With the benefit of hindsight we know we had the Viet Nam war won after the Tet offensive of 1968.
North Vietnamese General Giap has admitted the communists were ready to sue for peace when that offensive failed. But then something happened...
Watching our news media and anti-war types he saw there convinced him that if they could just hang on a little while longer, they could turn U.S. public opinion against the war and win.
The U.S. death toll from January of 1968 until we withdrew from Viet Nam was 20,000.
Let me repeat that-
Twenty thousand of my brothers-in-arms died because anti-war types became the nightly focus on network news broadcasts, aided by a Liberal media.
I knew some of those men. I knew their wives. I knew their children.

The blood of those brave men is on the hands of people who don't even know they helped the enemy.

I WILL NOT allow that to happen again without pointing it out to those that are responsible.

So you tell me...
Is it really important?

Anonymous said...

While your claim about winning the war after the Tet Offensive may be true I don't see how it directly applies to what's happening in Iraq and our economy today. But since your ideal scenario of staying the course in Vietnam never happened I think it's fair to say no one will ever know if we would have *won* or not shortly after the Tet. I do know America carried on with life nevertheless and now we have different problems we gotta deal with.

I think we can all agree that fighting Al Qaeda is a top priority and perhaps maybe even agree that Afghanistan is where we should concentrate those efforts. I remain unconvinced that Saddaam and Iraq had anything to do with 9/11. It's like saying the North Koreans were involved in the planning of 9/11 because they're known to have nukes.

Greybeard said...

You don't see the connection because you don't want to, Rodolfo.
The idea that folks like you are providing support to the enemy is mighty uncomfortable, as it should be. "Good" people don't want to think that brave troops might be dying because those "Good people" are providing motivation to an enemy who reads and watches our media, then tries to play it like a musical instrument.
But our enemy has, and does derive(d) motivation from such anti-war support. Check my reference to General Giap and the '68 Tet offensive and educate yourself.
I'll reiterate... HE said we had that war won.
And if you had military service...
If you had actually lived this scenario, as we Viet Nam veterans have, you'd know it's true.
(And you'd resent it like Hell.)

And Al Qaeda...
They're back in Afghanistan because Iraqis finally saw the truth and turned against them.
Now let's ALL get behind our warriors and focus on Afghanistan. But know this:
The future we face is comparable to what we've seen in Israel.
This war will continue in one form or another for years to come, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, or some other corner of the globe.
Steel yourself.

Maria said...

Just saw your response to my comment.

You said:

"Twenty thousand of my brothers-in-arms died because anti-war types became the nightly focus on network news broadcasts, aided by a Liberal media."

I'm sorry if you think that's why they died, but it's not. I'm also sorry that you're carrying this heavy burden in your heart FORTY YEARS after the fact.

But what I'm really sorry about is the men and women -- both Americans and Iraqis -- who are being killed or maimed every day because of a war based on lies.

Stop living in the past and consider the present -- and future.

Greybeard said...

".... a war based on lies."
Enumerate those "lies" for me please, Maria.