25 July 2008

Sparta... Greatness!

It's not often that I'm dumbstruck. I can think of only two or three occasions in my life that I've been rendered speechless.

Back in the days I was flying an AStar for the big construction company, we hangared the aircraft next to some pretty expensive flying machines. Normally I'd preflight the aircraft while it sat next to your everyday Piper Cheyenne or King Air 200.

One morning, groggy and with full coffee cup in hand, I rounded the corner to see this vision parked next to me, and I was awestruck. Like the pictured aircraft, the aluminum shone like a new dime. An aging beauty, it was as nearly perfect as its owner could make it.

Preflighting took longer than usual that morning!


The Old Man said...

Absolutely loverly....

cary said...

I can see why it took longer than normal to go through the morning routine - that is a beautiful craft!