12 July 2008

PUMAS! There's Pumas Out There!

Absolutely cracks me up, and democrats truly are "the gift that keeps on giving"! Hillary Vs. BHO, and the Michigan/Florida fiasco, (which still ain't over, just watch!)

"The Smothers Brothers" had a comedy routine where Tommy would refer to Cougars as Pumas. I've looked all over the 'net to find a video or audiotape to share with you, to no avail. But when this latest "Puma" sighting exploded, the mirth brought on by the Smothers Brothers came rushing back to mind.

And the neatest part? YOU MAY BE A PUMA!
Wanta find out?
All the links you need are
right here!
ThirdWaveDave found it:



You don't let any grass grow under your feet, do you? I sent that to you about 5 mins ago!!

chompermom said...

Awesome, I've been looking for this! My parents had several Smothers Brothers records, and I listened to them often, even when I was too young to really understand them. I have always loved the Pumas in the Cravices. :)

Was looking for an online version to share with my son. This is exactly what I remember from the record. There was another one where the dumb one (Tom?) says he wants to hunt g-nus. He'll poke them in the k-nees with his k-nife or something like that. :) The next line is, why don't you hunt something like lions? And he says: ooh, they're vicious! lol.

Thanks so much for bringing back a part of my childhood (and I'm only 28!) Sure smells like pumas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh, I looked all over for this one. I was looking for this clip to show it to my wife because I often mention the perilous pumas in the crevasse and she has no clue what I'm talking about. To get to the point, it was always a joke at work with one of my Vietnam Vet pilots when flying over the mountains “gee I hope we don't have an engine failure there are pumas in those crvacis”, so it was kind of cool to find it on a blog by another Vietnam Vet helicopter pilot. Thanks again!

Yerbacat said...

There was an even better one about "pumas in the sandbox" that went along with the "Mom always liked you best" skit. Would love to find a recording of that - video or audio.