05 July 2008

And Then There Were None

Sad news.
James Taylor, the only survivor from the crash of two Bell 407's at Flagstaff Arizona, has succumbed to his injuries.
He also worked at the Flagstaff Medical Center, the intended destination of the helicopter before the crash, so I'm sure the staff there is doubly devastated.

And something that is not being generally reported...
One of the helicopters landed at the Flagstaff airport because of weight concerns and disembarked a Flight Nurse prior to taking off on the short flight to the Medical Center.
I'm having difficulty imagining how that crewmember must now feel.
God bless them all.

I was mistaken. Taylor did not work at the Flagstaff Medical Center. An updated report, with a little new information is here.

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Di said...

I thought of you when I followed this story on TV. I was especially alarmed to learn that these helicopters crash more often than I would have imagined. What a tragedy! My heart goes out to all involved.

(DO be safe yourself!!!)