09 April 2008

Flight Nurse, ARMY Nurse!

Once in a while I'll type "Pitchpull" into a browser and see what happens.
What happened this time is, I found a Flight Nurse that had linked to "PitchPull" some time back.
I've only had a cursory look at her blog, but what I've read so far is interesting. She likes motorcycles, helicopters, and she's a life-saving Angel.
What's not to like?
Go now and check her out!
I've now had the chance to look more closely at Emily's blog, and find she's been blogging since Hector was just a pup. No probation necessary!

1 comment:

emily said...

OMG, you have made my day! I added you to my RSS feeds some time ago...good to see another soul aboard the EMS blogging world.