25 April 2008

Charles Krauthammer

I watch Fox News.
One of the reasons I watch FN is because of Charles Krauthammer and other consultants that have the ability to open my eyes to the "whys" I sometimes fail to see.
Mr. Krauthammer, an MD and psychiatrist, suffered a life-changing diving accident some years ago and is now confined to a wheelchair. How interesting... if the accident forced him to devote more attention to political commentary, I find myself perversely glad he had the accident...
I've learned much from Dr. Krauthammer's writing and commentary.

Last week while watching Brit Hume's"Special Report" I called Sara Jean to stop and look at the TV with me. It looked as if Krauthammer's right arm had been amputated... the right sleeve of his suit appeared to be folded and pinned.
Looking for more information I happened upon
this exchange, which really didn't answer my question, but I found the comments to the post illuminating.
See if you do too.


nec Timide said...

I had to keep checking the post dates. Not much has changed in six years.

Greybeard said...

Noticed that too, only after I had published the post, NT.
Hard to imagine the adjustment Krauthammer had to make in his life!