28 May 2006


While I was in Roswell, N.M., Mrs. O.P.D. said something that surprised me:
It's against the law to plant a Mulberry tree in Roswell.

That's right.
It has something to do with pollen and allergies.

It set me to thinking about the laws we pass and the rules we make.
Let me tell you one of my favorite stories......

"American Caesar" by William Manchester,
is a Biography of General Douglas MacArthur.
In it, Manchester relates this anecdote about the General:

After Japan signed the surrender documents ending WWII,
Gen. MacArthur became Governor of the country.
One of his aides came to him saying, "General, the Japanese men are up in arms! G.I.'s are dating the Japanese women, and the Japanese men cannot compete with them.
Don't you think we should establish a regulation forbidding soldiers from dating the Japanese women?"

The General's answer?

"Why, General? Don't you think it's a good idea?"

"I don't want to establish a regulation that our men will ignore. If the men get accustomed to ignoring that regulation, it will make them scofflaws.......and make it easier to ignore other, more important regulations. Besides, it would be unenforceable!"

It was like I had been hit in the face with a 2X4!
That is wisdom, folks!

All these little towns that have passed laws forbidding people from using their cell phones while driving.......how will they enforce them, particularly at night when they cannot even SEE people breaking the law?

And if I want to plant a Mulberry tree in my back yard in Roswell, N.M.,
well..........catch me if you can!!
(It was already there?!!)


Purple Tabby said...

Rules that people cannot or will not follow! Hmmm ?? I wonder if that fence on the boarder is like that?

I have visions of Puten saying “Mr. Bush, take down that fence!"

Would it be better to annex Mexico, fix their economy with business expansion (alternative fuel and cars to go with it?), jail officials who take bribes, and maybe turn the rest of the place into a resort? Hmmm I think I like that idea

Di said...

There are those that would ignore the regulation, it's true, and there are others who would become fearful of everything, wondering if they are breaking some law, rule or regulation. It's a double-edged sword, for sure!

Great example, your story...when it comes to matters personal, one should be allowed to regulate him/herself (within reason, of course..ie...if it does not harm another or interfere with another's rights...ha...does that make the Mulberry bush questionable...where DO we draw the line?).

The phrase, 'Live outside the box' comes to mind, something I don't do enough of. I think we are talking about personal reflection and responsibility here, as well as consideration for our 'neighbors'....good 'food for thought'!!! :))

Neb Okla said...

I knew I liked you folks for some reason. So far this thread sounds like the stuff I hear at my local county Libertarian meeting.

Ever take the Worlds Smallest Political Quiz?

Purple Tabby said...

Well, Neb, I'm pretty sure you are the first person in the world that ever confused me for a libertarian. Patton, maybe, but not a libertarian

Neb Okla said...

Not a Libertarian? Then which civil liberties do you oppose and why?

Mike said...

Ahhhh yes... Roswell :)

Formerly Living and I spent a road trip there one summer.

For him it was a chance to spend some time with his soon-to-be-psycho girlfriend and for me it was an excuse to get away from home.

Four things come to mind from that trip:

1 - Riding worn out antique Italian mopeds up and down the Roswell streets, stopping for a while to gaze at the big hangar made so famous back in 1947 at the Roswell Army Airfield.

2 - Drinking some unidentifiable liquid provided by the girl's dad... It came in beer cans and was called 'black label'. It was black label in name only!

3 - Seeing a dead cat on the highway between Roswell and Alamagordo that had been efficiently painted over by a bored highway department.

4 - The Roswell international UFO museum...

Come to think of it.. I believe we saw the Thunderbirds for the first time that weekend... it all blurs together...

Greybeard said...

Neb, I'm with you!
In the last election, where there was a Libertarian candidate to vote for, I did so, with the exception of President. There was just too much to lose there if the wrong candidate won.

I'm sick of going to the polls and voting against the poorest candidate, rather than voting for someone I think will be good for the country.
Has GWB been good for our country?
Was there a worse candidate?

A viable third party may be the only way out of this problem. I think the country may be ready for that.
In order for the Libertarian Party to fill that void, they'll need to modify their position on National Security for many of us to be comfortable with them.

Are we beyond being able to get away from "Government as Savior" and get back to taking responsibility for our own actions and problems? Looking at the New Orleans debacle, I'm not sure.

I hope the Libertarian Party can do some educating, but if you've seen Jay Leno's "Jaywalking" bit when he asks Civics questions, I'm not hopeful for the future of our country.