20 May 2006

Dateline: Roswell, N.M.

I'm safely in Roswell. Tonight I accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Ole Prairie Dog to a Mexican Restaurant, where we had a great meal cooked by real Mexican folks.

Some thoughts on today's flight, 7.7 hours flight time:

1. It was 104 degrees when I landed at Blythe, CA. last night. It was 91 degrees at 7 A.M.. I don't care what the humidity is, when it's 104 degrees, it's damned uncomfortable.

2. Somewhere over Quartzite, AZ. I spotted a white bird in my path that appeared to be hovering at 1,000 feet above the ground. I was curious......birds don't normally hover in that realm. When I got closer, I found it was a plastic grocery bag....I think that's the highest I've ever seen one carried by the currents.

3. Why is it Saguaro Cactuses only grow in Arizona? The ground on the California side looks exactly the same, but almost immediately upon crossing the Colorado river you start seeing these magnificent 30 foot tall cacti.
What's the difference between California and Arizona?

4. Mountains are beautiful. The desert is interesting. I was raised in the Midwest. I don't want to live here. Ole Prairie Dog would live nowhere else.

5. Traveling by helicopter has to be just about the neatest way to see the country. At 500 feet above the ground, I can still see the interstate signs telling me I'm 90 miles from Phoenix, and I know I'll be there in less than an hour! Today I saw wild pigs, deer, and jackrabbits. Ya can't see that from a Boeing 737!

6. Gasoline in Blythe was $2.96 per gallon. I hear in some towns in California, it's $3.15. Be glad you don't live there.

7. I refueled the helicopter at 11 A.M. local time at Casa Grande, Arizona. Walking back to the machine after paying for the fuel, I looked up and saw the moon! This is definitely a first for me.
Is this something else that's normal for the desert?

8. Avgas at Cutter Aviation at El Paso cost me $5.17 including taxes. I had to buy 20 gallons. Zowie!

It's been a great trip so far......
I had a 10-20 knot tailwind all day today.....Thank you Lord!
We are planning a trip to the UFO museum here in Roswell tomorrow.
(And yes, I believe in UFO's, so I'm really looking forward to it!)

So......stay tuned folks!


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine grew up in Roswell, NM. She's in Brownsville, TX now.

As for the moon in the daylight sky, I see it fairly often in central Ohio. Maybe you just never really looked before?

Greybeard said...

I didn't do a very good job of explaining myself about the moon, N.O.......
I've certainly seen the moon during daylight hours....but normally that happens late in the afternoon, just as the sun is setting and the moon is rushing it's travels across the sky.

This sighting was at 11 A.M., and the moon was still fairly high in the sky also.

On the other hand.....maybe I haven't been paying attention?

Di said...

Rumor has it, I've been abducted, as have several members of my family?! Ha...I was thought to be missing just last evening!! Someone said they were 'wiggin' out', because I was no where to be found!! Go figure!! I recall nothing!!

Sounds like you are having a great trip/flight!! Your report makes me feel as if I'm there...nice job!!

'N/O', my ex is from Brownsville...wait.....hello....I need to read closely....he's from TN, not TX....Nevermind!! Ha!!! (Though I'm sure I've been to the one in TX as well!!) :))

Anonymous said...

OK, OK. I messed up, I apologize most humbly. Here in New Mexico we have a "State Question". Seriously, it passed through our State Congressional system and is our "Official State Question".


So of course, when GB shows up and I wine and dine him, what happens??? You guessed it. THEY WERE OUT OF RED. Now that's just plain embarrasing.

Ms OPD and I were able to satisfy that niche he so sorely missed at breakfast the next day before he climbed back into his stalwart steed, beat the air into submission and headed east.

Greybeard, It shall not happen again.

Anonymous said...

PS. As always, Mi Casa e su Casa, you and the Terroist are welcome anytime. I enjoyed the visit a bunch.

PPS. Be sure and tell Sara Jean what she missed.

BoMarGirl said...

GB....Don't you ever get tired? Hope you have a safe trip home. Mr. Legan called me this a.m. and asked about you and asked me to please say "hello" from him. He and I had a very nice chat. I am certain he would LOVE to hear from you.