30 May 2006

Google This!

I started Googling a long time ago.....
of course, "a long time ago" in computer language could mean yesterday.

But literally, I think it was 6 or 7 years ago, I gave up Netscape and switched to Google as my search engine.

No more!

If you are a Google user, you know how clever they are with their logo....
Valentine's day, the two "O's" in Google were changed to hearts.

Other holidays, the logo was modified to bring attention to the fact that the day was special....
Even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday was celebrated, with Sherlock Holmes incorporated into the logo, peering through a magnifying glass.

But Memorial day? One of the 5 designated Federal Holidays?
The day set aside to honor the heroes that died so that Google can conduct business in a free and unfettered fashion?
Nada. Zip. Goose Egg!
No special logo for our fallen troops.

News that Google was a major contributor to George Soros' organization "Moveon.org" caused me considerable discomfort.........
but Google is so efficient, inertia was difficult to overcome.
Ignoring our dead heroes on Memorial Day is a deal killer.

Agree with my concerns about Google?
Then do what I just did.....
Go to:


and make it your search engine.
Or, alternatively, use Yahoo.com, or Netscape.com......

anything but Google.

We've got to quit putting money into the pockets of people and organizations that would love to make our country the "U.S.S.A.", "The United Soviet States of America."


Neb Okla said...

I switched to MSN Search a long time ago and haven't looked back. It's every bit as good as Google, and if you want to add something to the index, they seem a lot more accomodating.

In fact, if you search for your own site and don't find it, they ask you to suggest ways to improve the search (like what results you were *expecting* for example).

Google isn't best. They're just the most popular.

I spent Memorial Day pondering how lucky I've been. I have freinds that have served in Iraq. Others that have served in Afghanistan. One is in the Middle East with the Navy right now. So far I've been lucky not to lose anyone I know.

I also thought about the rights our soldiers have fought and died for. I thought about how in the past they were sometimes suspended, and later restored (for the most part) at the end of a given war. That made me ponder, at what point will our civil liberties that have been suspended in the name of the never-ending "war on drugs" and "war on terror" be restored?

I fear, never.


Been using Dogpile for a couple years now. I always thought it was better, anyway. However, I would change from google because of the issue you highlighted.

Purple Tabby said...

Thanks for the Dogpile, GB. I really like it.

A couple of thoughts about Google (and I’m not trying to defend them)

It could be the guys running it are too young to remember the draft, their parents didn’t tell them about war and neither did their teachers. War could be vague and distant blur on their radar especially for guys who were bagillionairs before they were old enough to vote.

To them, Memorial Day may mean the 500 Mile Race, the official opening day for swimming pools, and a three-day weekend.

I remember when that’s what it meant to me; but then I grew up

Oleprairiedog said...

I use Ask.com. It has a lot of neat features and can really discriminate. It will answer questions rather than give you a list of topics. Try it on for size.