01 January 2006

2006 A.D., Uhhhhh A.C.E., Or Whatever

I sure want to wish a Happy 2006 to everyone that drops in to "Pitchpull"!

But someone help me, please.......
I know I'm no longer supposed to use the term A.D.,
meaning "Anno Domini", or "The year of our Lord."
I guess the politically correct term now is A.C.E., or "After the common Era."
Please, what happened to begin this "Common Era?"
Did something "common" happen,
or was it actually something pretty UNcommon?

Must have been something pretty special, huh?
Fill me in!


John said...

Actually, it would just be 2006 C.E. - in the common era. A good description and discussion of this terminology, pro and con, can be found at:


Anonymous said...

You could just wish people a "Happy New Year" and avoid the A.D or C.E debate.

The Raabs said...

I didn't realize that this was a debate - something new in the States? As if we should simply deny the religious heritage that has formed everything along the way because some people want to pretend it never happened?