08 January 2006

2006 I.D.I.O.T.

Certainly I am not so dense to think my readers didn't know the point I was trying to make.

2006 C.E. ?

What a pantload!

I asked what happened to start the "common era" 2006 years ago, and got some nice explanations as to what C.E. is, but no answer as to what started it.
The reason?
I believe this common era probably started with the birth of Jesus Christ.
That makes it pretty special in my book!
If I'm wrong, I'll immediately give up my candidacy for the position of "King of the World".....
I certainly can't be that delusional and hope to lead you all to a more wonderful existence!

But what am I to think of anyone that would try to make me think the date 2006 has nothing to do with my personal Lord and Savior?
Those folks should immediately start using the Chinese or Jewish Calendars. The date at the top of those is not 2006. I'm sure they would be much more comfortable with them!

Or maybe this is all just a stupid joke that I didn't completely understand.
I really can be pretty thick, ya know.
In that case, let's use dates like:

2006 H.Y. (Henny Youngman)


2006 P.F. (Pink Flamingo)

Both make as much sense as C.E., because.......try all you wish to separate 2006 from Anno Domini, when you see the number 2006, remember......
it is inseparably connected to Jesus Christ!

And.......2006 I.D.I.O.T.?


Sorry to burst so many bubbles out there.

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StraightRickie said...

Love IT! Where did our generation go astray? It wouold be easy to blame our parents, but they had mjore than their share of trouble- born during the depression, WWII, Korea, us! We coulddn't keep the media square on so many things then and there seems to be precious little balance in the expanded media today.

Glad to see some interest and some life out of the old gang. "Vandy's Kids" hits the mark as well. All of the class of '65 ('63 thru AT LEAST '70 for that matter) were defdinitely shaped by Vandy, Ira, Mrs C and others. I agree that being in a school small enough that nearly every teacher knew us by name was a big part of how we got where we are-- still kicking, honest and caring.