04 June 2005



I sold insurance for a little while. Accident and health policies first, then life insurance for a bigger company later. Having done it for a while, I learned to appreciate salesmen. Sales people irritate us, but they do a necessary job.......a job that few people do well.

I'm grateful for having been in sales for a while. The first company I worked for put me through an intensive course to show me sales techniques and help get my state licensing done. In this course I learned one of the most important things you can learn.......PMA........a positive mental attitude! To be great at sales, you must have PMA!!

And the fact is, we are all salesmen. No matter what work you do, you sell yourself by doing your allotted work. You have the choice to do it with excellence, just adequately, or poorly. You can also do it with a smile on your face, or you can be a grump.

Think about who you want near you in your life. I find myself attracted to people that do quality work, that make me laugh.........make me feel better. These folks put you in a better mood and make it easier to do excellent work yourself!

Complainers are to be avoided..........when shopping, if you see one before they see you, do you duck down a different aisle, hoping they haven't seen you?
We all have!

Last night I picked up a 42 year old gentleman with an enlarged heart. He also has rhythm problems with his heart that get out of control and cannot be controlled with medication. This guy has been on a heart transplant list for more than a year, and may die before his number comes up. He had never been off the ground before. As we loaded him on the helicopter, he jokingly asked to see my "driver's license"! He made us all laugh. I'm sure the crew took extra good care of the guy, because we all liked him.

You can go through life complaining........being the one that catches glimpses of others ducking into the next aisle, OR...........
You can put a smile on your face and try to show a genuine interest in others, and be the one people are drawn to.

I love my job. I get paid to help people when they desperately need my services.
I'm healthy.
I have a beautiful, loving wife, and a fine home.
I live in a country that trusts its' citizens to travel without concern.

I want others to WANT to be around me!

How can I not have PMA?

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