06 June 2005


Ole Prairie Dog sent me this link last week.
I finally got around to reading it this morning.
I don't read quickly, so it took me 15 minutes, but it was worth my time.

Compelling, on this 61st anniversary of D-Day!

I'm continually amazed at ignorance of history.........
even recent history, by people you know are not at all stupid!
Brit Hume's comments on "spinning" by others just reinforces my feelings about some commentators.
His comments about Kuwaiti oil are points I have made myself in discussions with family.

Read and see what you think:



Oleprairiedog said...

And if you go to www.hillsdale.edu you will find many many more articles as aarticulate and informative and thought provoking. The monthly magazine is called "Imprimis" Well worth the read whether you agree or not. Greybeard and I just think similiarly about quite a few subjects. It must have been the years of vibrations to our backsides.

mike said...


4 reports confirmed of a guard mishandling a Koran. 15 reports of detainees doing it. Yet no one reports on the detainees.