29 June 2005

Paul Harvey

Since 1965, I've listened to "Paul Harvey News and Comment" whenever time and circumstances permitted.

He has one of those distinctly identifiable voices.
I enjoy his cadence, format, and mix of news and whimsy.

Obviously, he's not a young man. His biography doesn't list his birthdate, but does give us the kernel that "he began his radio career in 1933 while he was still in High School". A little math on that fact says that conservatively, he is 87 years old.

It is sometimes painful to hear his broadcast lately. His voice is weak, he sometimes reads copy he has already read, and he makes other simple mistakes that you know he is making because he is no longer mentally as sharp as he was.

40 years of dialing his Noon program may soon come to an end.
There will be a hole in my day when I can no longer hear him speak into that microphone.

And I think that will happen pretty soon.
If you are, or ever have been a fan of his show, you need to make a decision:
Should you start tuning him in to hear him deteriorate further, or avoid listening so you can remember him as vibrant and strong?

I can't answer the question for you, but I wanted you to be aware that one of those folks we feel we know because we have been listening for so long is coming into the "home stretch" of his career.

Paul.........for years, I have looked forward to my 15 minutes with you.

It is a tribute to say I feel I know and like you.

Thank you for giving me a little something to look forward to for all these years!

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