22 October 2017

Playing Cards, Balloons, and Vocalizations.

First question-
Did you ride a bicycle as a kid?
I did. 

I had a Newspaper route and measured that I rode at least 9 miles per day.

Second question-
Did you find ways to make your bicycle sound as if it had a motor?
Again, I did.
Our gang found that if we bought a bag of penny balloons, blew one up and attached it to the front wheel in such a way that it would rub against the bike's spokes, it would make a sound that surprisingly imitated an engine. The faster we pedaled, the more it sounded like a motorcycle going fast. Friction and heat would eventually fatigue the balloon and pop it, but for about three minutes we were pumping away with smiles on our faces.

Third question-
How many of you that answered affirmatively to questions one and two ended up actually owning a motorcycle as soon as you could buy one?

I did.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Yes to all but used cardboard held on by a cloths pin. My first vehicle was an Allstate scooter (I was 14). Not a lot of fun in a NW Colorado winter. First "real" Motorcycle was a 1948 HD Springer. That beast made me appreciate Japanese motorcycles. Yamaha 200, Honda Dream 350, and a Kawasaki 500 triple.

Old NFO said...

Baseball cards and clothes pins...LOL 50cc Yamaha, then a 250cc Big Bear Yamaha in 1965.

The Old Man said...

Took the Old NFO route for noise - baseball cards and spring clothespins..
50 cc Yamaha (1965)
250 cc Yamaha (pre-RVN - 1968)
500 cc H1B Kawasaki triple (post-RVN (1972): used the Ohio veterans bounty for down payment)
750 Virago (ca.1987)
Currently riding an 800 cc Kawasaki w/ Post 738 American Legion Riders (2007)

My dad rode an inline Henderson - before WW2. My son is on his 3rd bike. Our first grandson is due next month - wonder what make he'll favor?