05 May 2017


It's inevitable.
Even during the most boring of conversations with friends and acquaintances, the fact we are trying to "hope for the best; plan for the worst" will come up.
You can probably imagine the reaction-
Some think we're just downright weird.
Some of our best friends agree with us but take the "God is in control" attitude and are leaving the future in his/her hands.
A few souls are also doing what they can to be prepared for as many permutations as possible.

Those that think we're crazy will frequently joke, "Well, if the worst happens we know where to go!"
We try to gently guide and educate them by mentioning this scenario.

We hope we ARE crazy in our thinking!


Ed Bonderenka said...

A guy called into a radio show about prepping a while back and said that his neighbors had food and he had guns, so they had a deal that he would protect them for food.
I called in next and said that my neighbors had food and I had guns....
The host asked "and.....??"
So I repeated myself.
He finally got it.

Old NFO said...

Yep, nothing wrong with being 'prepared'... And doing it smartly and low profile, depending on where you are living.