13 July 2016

About "Pitchpull":

When I decided to take the plunge and start writing here 11+ years ago, the world was such a different place.
I was a different person.

If you are even a now-and-again follower, go back and look at my post-election post about Obama in November of '08. There you'll see my concern, and hope, that he'd be a transformative leader.

My concerns have been verified.
Hope and Change... well, that was just a campaign slogan.

When Obama was re-elected in '12, Sara Jean and I both felt as if we had had a death in the family. Isn't that amazing?
We were looking at signs we felt were obvious... that the things our Fathers had fought so hard for were being tossed aside. Our country was being "fundamentally transformed" in a way that would tear the economic and moral fabric of the nation.
I coined the phrase, "The GIMMEE GENERATION".

In about 60 years we've gone from "The Greatest Generation" to "The Gimmee Generation". .
And that "Gimmee" generation feels the "gimmees" are not enough.
Gimmee MORE.

We have no leadership.
The nation is falling apart, and Obama is so oblivious he feels the need to divide us even further. Even at a memorial service for fallen heroes he feels the need to divide us.

I'm sick at heart.
My Mother used to say, "I'm glad I'm old".
And by that she meant she was glad she had lived most of her life in "Saner" times.

When I started writing this blog in April of '05 I felt my words might help others to live a better life. Now?
I have to ask the question: "Who the hell is listening?"


Old NFO said...

Some of us old farts ARE listening, and feeling the same despair... sigh

Well Seasoned Fool said...

A very pertinent question.

The Old Man said...

Still here, brother. NOT looking forward to the RNC/BLM/Lib-rul mashup scheduled for next week.

Anonymous said...

I am agreeing with you all the way, not ofter I say this but glad im old. Russell