05 August 2011

ER's And RINO's

"Doctor it hurts when I do this."

Have we learned our lesson? Please... tell me we have.
And republican candidates, please note my request:
If you are a republican from a State North of Virginia, or a State East of Ohio, you need not apply for the job of President of the United States.
Your definition of "conservative" needs revising.

(And I've been saying for a year that BOzo is likely to have a primary challenger.
Ed Rendell... John Warner... some other "moderate" democrat... HELP US!)


Timothy Frazier said...

Unfortunately learning the lesson correctly involves the realization that no Republican is worth voting for, either, with the possible exception of Ron Paul, who is masquerading as a Republican. That hypocrisy is the only fault I can find with him. It's just as bad for him to pretend to be Republican as it is for the opposite end of the spectrum (i.e. John McCain).

I'll keep wasting my votes on Libertarians, because when it all ends I will at least have the clear conscience of knowing I voted for liberty and freedom without fail. I vote for a candidate, not against some other, so folks are wasting their breath when they try to convince me that I helped a democrat (or republican) win by voting for a Libertarian.

ddf said...

I would vote for Christi.

Beau's Mom said...

If we can find a way to keep the free bussing from delivering once in a lifetime voters from their couch to the polls next year, we can hopefully send Obama to join Casey Anthony in hiding.

Old NFO said...

Sigh... Sadly you are correct Sir...

Scotty said...

And I've been saying for a year that BOzo is likely to have a primary challenger.

You forgot the most important one....Ralph Nader!! ;-)

Greybeard said...

The repub. party must be VERY, VERY careful who they nominate this election. The survival of the party, (and whether or not BOzo is elected in the same way Bill Clinton was, twice), depends on the nomination of an experienced, viable, truly conservative candidate.

And ddf, are you aware of the fiasco Gov. Christie now has himself embroiled in, defending a muslim judge for the N.J. Supreme court? I like Christie, but he's another Northeast republican, and is therefore included in those that need not apply for the job of POTUS in my view.
(I hear he's shaky on the 2nd amendment too... NOT A REAL CONSERVATIVE!)

the golden horse said...

How a candidate stands on immigration will also be a huge Decision maker for me as well as fiscal responsibility and spending. Is there the perfect candidate? Who knows, but I have some I favor.