22 August 2011

Do You Ride? Here's Useful Information!

I soaked up the lesson well-
I was following that pickup truck with a full two second gap.
In the bed of that pickup was a sofa.
Apparently the cushions on that sofa were not fully secured.

Yeah, you're gettin' ahead of me, aren't ya!
Guess the "Hang-time" for a sofa cushion that is caught up in turbulence and launched to an altitude of fifteen feet or so outta the bed of a pickup truck going, say, 55 mph!

(If you answered about two seconds, YOU WOULD BE CORRECT, BUNKY!)

Yes, I was able to avoid it.
But henceforth I'll give sofa-laden pickup trucks at least a three second gap!


Old NFO said...

Yep, that's a bit of pucker factor, cause those things are NOT aerodynamic, so you had to wait on it to 'land'... Glad you're okay!

jinksto said...

I've had guys on bikes that tailgate a fully laden utility trailer with and while I did a good job of tying everything down they had NO idea that I had... As a bike rider myself I sometimes want to stop and ask them what the heck they're doing.

Greybeard said...

Cryptic Tommy, (but I'm glad to hear from you.)
I once was travelling (by car) around Lynes Parkway in Savannah when a full drywall panel launched itself from the truck in front of me, did two complete 360 degree rotations over my car, then exploded over the hood and windshield of the car following me. At the time I wondered "What if I had been riding my bike?"
That's the reason I was a full 2 seconds behind this truck. It ain't enough...
Three or four seconds seems like a minumum now, (or pass 'em and eliminate the problem altogether.)

Timothy Frazier said...

We should get Red Jacket Firearms in Louisiana to design a "desintegrator" gun to mount on the front of our bikes that would destroy any airborne debris before it reaches us. It would also be great for those darn turkey buzzard that take off too late and fly right in front of you from their dead carrion meal beside the road. I actually had one graze the top of my helmet once.