13 June 2011

Let's Play "Political Aspirations".

Official unemployment is just under 10%.
I've seen studies that place REAL unemployment at somewhere between 18 and 25%.
Groceries, gasoline, and other sources of energy are taking off, and Dems are now chatting-up a possible $1.00 per-gallon tax on gasoline to see how we all react.
Housing is in the toilet and it looks like that toilet is about to be flushed.
We've been through "the recovery summer" last year with no relief, and it looks like there is little or no chance of another "Quantitive Easing" to pump more fiat currency into the economy in order to get its heartbeat back into a normal rhythm.
Frankly, the outlook is grim. I've been laughing at the Lame-stream media's attempts to belittle the Republican presidential candidates with their "Who can beat Obama?" mantra...
If the economy doesn't get turned around, and SOON, Gilbert Gottfried could beat him.

So let's play a little game, shall we?
Let's say my fears come true and the economy continues to tank. At some point Obama's numbers, (already below 50% approval), will be so bad even his most devout supporters will realize he is unelectable.
What then?
Who will step forward to run against him in the primary?

Perennial kook Dennis Kucinich will surely throw his hat in the ring.
Hillary? She hasn't hurt herself too badly in her job as Sec. of State, so she could certainly stick her toe in the water.
Another possible candidate I was thinking might try for another run at it is Jerry Brown...
I think he's now fully realized the HORRIBLE shape California's economy is in...
He's even begun to say things that anger Union workers there, for heaven's sake!
How could he get out from under the yoke of the California economy and the coming disaster there?
By being a hero and stepping forward to clean up the mess Obama has made!

And let's see...
There's a congresscritter in New York that will soon be out of a job that could also run as "Bill Clinton II", isn't there?

I think it's a distinct possibility that BOzo could have a primary challenger.
Can you think of anyone else that might step forward?


Scotty said...

If there is enough blood in the water, I don't think Secretary Clinton could resist her desire to be President. I think she'd run...

For another Democrat to run successfully they would have to make believe they were moderate, as President Obama did the first time around. Again, Hillary is the only one I think could pull that off.

Old NFO said...

Sadly, "Billary" is the only one I can think of...

Rita said...

And SADLY, I would much rather have Hilary than Obama. ANYONE over Obama.

the golden horse said...

He is such a media darling, I don't see to much happening. Hillary scares the Bejesus out of me too. She is all for the One World Order and has been since the 70's.
The whole WH scares me to death.

Last night's debate didn't really offend me, I do think they have an okay line up so far.
Maybe a few to come. Maybe Perry might toss his hat in also. I thought Michelle was very presentable.
But when you have to fight the Media, the WH and the other idiots, we are in for the fight of our lives, literally.
Whoever gets nominated, we need support 110% and with all our heart to save this country.

I did see Trump on the TV today and I think he did more harm than help. Kind of tinked me off.