26 February 2011

We Need A Real Leader!

THIS is a leader-

Recorded during his campaign for the House seat he currently occupies:

And if it's evidence of his intellect and vision you need, take a look here.

Allen West!


Old NFO said...

Yep, he's the real deal... and had a hellva military career to!

Rita said...

I'm leaning more towards this guy. Of course my first choice was Pence, but he's made it clear that he won't run, at least not for 4 or 8 years anyway.

I liked Daniels, he's done some good things for Indiana, but I'm beginning to believe more and more that he can't win.

West, on the other hand looks like a great candidate.

The Old Man said...

The Colonel appears to be the real deal so far. Waiting for the dipstick media to start doing a Palin on him, because that will seal the deal.
Unlike the present occupant of the Party House, I think he'll work and gain experience before he goes for the brass ring.

Allen/Bachmann 2016! Then Sarah can be SecDef and the 'Stache can handle State....

CnC said...

I like this guy a lot, no bull shit about what he believes. I could get behind his campain. Hey is he gets in the primary can we call the Dems that won't vote for him racists?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I have to concur, sir, I am behind you 100% on this one! It will be sad indeed if Col West does NOT run for president. I would vote for the man immediately.


cj said...

I could vote for Lt. Col. West.

West and McCotter?