14 February 2011

Furkids, And Goin' West.

It's been a while since we've been to California.
You may remember that Big Bubba came home for Thanksgiving alone after Desi the Dachshund went off on a solo sojourn, but the two of them came home together for Christmas. My schedule and other constraints have kept us from making the trip West since May of last year. One of the obstacles we face when we want to leave home for any length of time is doggy care...
And Yogi is the problem.
Lucy is intelligent and well-behaved, and we have friends that actually look forward to caring for her. They've let us know more than once they would take her off our hands anytime we want to give her up.
Yogi is a different story. Given the chance he'll go off on an an exploratory journey and will travel so far he cannot remember how to find his way back where he started. He's a sweetie and a lover, but caring for him is labor intensive. Our friends know this and are not in a position to care for both dogs. So we've been on a search for a week to find someone to dogsit Yogi while we're gone.

There is a Veterinarian here in town who boards dogs. Knowing Yogi would be safe and well cared for, the cost for this service is not unreasonable. But we'll be gone for a week and the cost of boarding him that long approaches the cost of putting him in a carrier and taking him along.

Finally, another friend volunteered last night to care for Yogi for the week.
This friend knows dogs and we know he will do a great job. Now our only question is, how will Yogi fare being separated from Lucy that long?

Dogs are more trouble than kids.


cary said...

Safe journey, and know that we, too, are searching for a dogsitter who can take care of all three here at the house, since Cinnamon has developed canine diabetes and needs a shot twice a day!

We have a tentative plan for SoCal around the middle of April, to coincide with a trade show I will be attending, and so far it looks like I may be going solo unless we can find a sitter.

Old NFO said...

Hoo boy... You're in a no win with that one GB...