06 November 2010

Oops, I Did It Again!

There are two motorcycles in our garage... the Pizza Bike, and the '87 Goldwing.
Both are beautiful pieces of machinery, in much better-than-average shape and relatively low mileage. I bought the Guzzi before I realized Sara Jean would not be comfortable as a passenger on it. The Goldwing put a smile on her face and showed me what it was gonna take to fulfill my wish... to have her behind me on the bike sharing neat experiences.

It also opened my eyes to a few other things...
It's VERY heavy and difficult to maneuver at slow speed. You REALLY have to be careful maneuvering it into tight spots... like parking it in the garage.
It needs a reverse gear.
Newer 'Wings have a reverse gear.
So I just bought an '89 with reverse gear.

In addition to the reverse gear the new bike has two more cylinders and 300 more cc's.
It has a CB radio and an intercom system.
It has a stereo system that includes speakers in the rear armrests so SJ will hear better.

I'm working on details to bring the bike home as I write this. But I also know this:
I don't need two of the things!
Anyone interested in a perfectly serviceable 1987 Honda Goldwing in excellent condition?
Call me at BR 549.


jinksto said...

You know... they make reality TV shows about people like you.

The Old Man said...

Need reverse on a 'Wing... Now that I think about it, on something like Pizza B too with my garage....

cary said...

Man, you crazy!

Hey, don 't you need a dealer's license after buying/selling x number of motor vehicles per year?

Anonymous said...

Clint says you are "right on" with your Goldwing "Consumer Report"!

I think you are mistaken with your telephone number though; MY number is BR 549.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I wish I'd known you were VERY serious about, specifically, a Gold Wing.

Wings haven't changed in the past ten years.

I would have suggested you get a used Wing from 2000 on. They're excellent and pretty much all the same, almost indistinguishable from brand new ones.

You'll still dig your Wing, though, if you're careful about its positioning and attitude.


cj said...

You silly boys and your toys...

Next up, on Discovery: the story of a man who is slowly being consumed by his motorcycles...


Timothy Frazier said...

It's a toss-up whether GB appears on TLC's "Hoarders" or HDTVs "Cafe Racer" first.

If I bought that many bikes Robin would make me a prime candidate for "CSI Grapevine".

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

By the way, don't know if you guys know it, but the Illinois license plate on the Blues Brothers' 1974 Dodge Monaco was BDR529. . .