10 November 2010

But Is It Motorcycling?

I brought the (new to us) '89 Goldwing home last night in the back of a rented Penske truck.
Today I loaded Pizza bike into the truck, returned it, and rode home.
It was a glorious day. It was a GREAT ride. The bike "talks" to ya with its slight vibrations, intake howl, and exhaust note.

Shortly after I got home from returning the truck, Sara Jean came home.
She wanted to see how the newer Six-cylinder 'Wing differs from the older 4-cylinder bike. Our latest addition needed fuel, so she got aboard and we rode to top it off, giving me a chance to experience the stark differences between the Guzzi and the Goldwing.

I'm trying to come up with a comparison that tells the tale, and I think this statement comes close:
The Guzzi is a hammer.
The Goldwing is a pneumatic nailgun.

After refueling, on the way home I asked Sara Jean, "Is this actually motorcycling?"
She smiled and said "Of course".

I'm not so sure. The 'Wing is a wonderful machine.
But the Guzzi is a MOTORCYCLE!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Want to hear a funny thing?

I'm getting perhaps a bit more serious on purchasing a motorcycle, and I noted that Sierra Motorsports has a 1989 Gold Wing for sale for $5,800.

I'm also eyeballing a brand new (still on the floor) 2006 Suzuki V Strom 1000 with ABS.

How weird is this??


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You make an excellent point.

Which, frankly, justifies the possession of both.

Some days you'll just want to get in an Existential Motorcycle and just ROMP! You'll pull the Guzzi for that.

Some days you'll just want to motor on down the road, perhaps with your wife, and appreciate bulk power on tap, a quiet motor, a nice ride. And you'll pull the Wing for that.


Greybeard said...

Absolutely "nail on the head", BZ!
I started all three bikes today and while all three were running I rode individual bikes down the road about three miles, working the transmission through all the gears more than once, turned around and rode back home. Each bike ran a total of 30 minutes. (I've got to buy myself a battery tender!)

The new 'Wing is a quiet, smooth dream.

The older 'Wing is less quiet and less smooth but may actually be faster, and since it's slightly smaller I'm still more comfortable with it.

The "Pizza Bike"?
It's just a hoot!

I'll be watching your blog with interest in hopes you keep us updated on your bike search!