30 May 2008


There are a few that can do it. Some do it pretty well.
Others write stuff that has you clicking the "back" button after reading a few words. Still others will publish a post, go off on a deployment to Iraq, publish a post, then take off on a deployment to Scofield Barracks.
I'm talking about Aviation Bloggers. If you read them, as I do, it's obvious most of them avoid the "third rail" issues. I accept that, but it's not for me. I agree with the statement I've seen written on T-Shirts...
"Everyone is entitled to my opinion."
You don't have to agree with me... Hell, if everyone agreed with me, I wouldn't be motivated to find I'm mistaken while trying to prove they're mistaken! (And that happens often enough. ;>)

But Aviators are just people...
Intelligent people...
Interesting, full of life people.
Put me in a roomful of Aviators and the conversation won't lag.

I Blog about life. I figure if I find it interesting, there's a pretty good chance you will too.
So when I read
this post and it painted a visual picture of events I've also experienced, I thought you'd like it too.
Drop by and let Scud Runner know what you think.

(Now I'm going to go do something he motivated me to do...

read up on Mutt Muffs!)

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