07 January 2008

Hillary Cries

(Or maybe ALMOST cries.)
Have you seen the video in it's entirety?

I had only seen the first few seconds of the following:

How's this make you feel?
I think Hillary Rodham is a Socialist and I certainly DO NOT want her to be Commander in Chief, BUT...
I understand exactly what's goin' on here and I feel sorry for her.
Have you ever been so tired you couldn't sleep when you tried?
You lay down in a perfectly good bed with several hours to really, really sleep...
knowing you MUST sleep in order to perform the way you need to,
and you nod off, then wake up... nod off, then wake up, never getting the restful sleep you need so badly. How long are her work days? How many days in a row has she worked without a day to kick back and do absolutely nothin'? I'm bettin' it's been months.

I think it all changed about the time I wrote this post, and she realized she just might not have the election ladled to her with a Silver Spoon. Worry about how to deal with someone who might steal a huge block of votes you thought you could take for granted would certainly add to your sleep problems.

Campaigning for President has to be brutal. Like our more strenuous military schools, it's a good indicator for how someone would perform during crisis time.
I feel sorry for her, but politics ain't pinball.
What if she's faced with a "Missiles of October" situation?
There'll be no time for tears then.



The woman's a socialist. Period. Elect her president and we'll all be in tears.

Greybeard said...

From Mommanurse via email:

"I tried to reply through the blogger, but it limits me to 300 characters. From a soapbox, 300 isn't near enough.

As much as I DON'T like Hillary, I have to respond here.
All of you who think she can't do the job just because she cried, are nothing but a bunch of men.
I have personally done CPR, pushed lifesaving meds, banished incompetent nurses from a room of crisis to prevent them from doing harm instead of good, and all through a heavy onslaught of tears.
I have gathered up my family's essential items and left an abusive situation and started my life over, through a sobbing fit so hard that I could barely catch my breath!
It is an individual thing, just like any other stress of the job. Some can't, some can. I bet she can. Maybe not the way we would like, but a strong personality experiences a clearing of the mind when the stress level breaks enough to allow tears.
Isn't there a mountain of other things we should consider when deciding if she is the one we want to do this job, instead of reverting to the stone age for things we think are character flaws?"

Bein' the compassinate brother that I am, I'll let others have a chance to respond before I do.
Anyone else having trouble posting more than a certain number of characters? I just posted her comment, and added to it with no complaints from blogger.

Anonymous said...

No wonder we can only get idiots like Bush elected these days, if this is an indication of how people actually make up their minds who to vote for!

OMG! Are you people for real? Do you actually understand what "Socialist" means, or is that just an easy way for you to slap each other on the back and reaffirm that you're part of that "manly" right-wing club?

Anonymous said...

Cry me a river, Hillary.

How can a candidate who claims to have been tried, tested and proven, resort to girly emotional drama to win sympathy votes? Shame indeed, shame indeed.


Anonymous said...

Has nothing to do with socialism. I just don't want her hitting the wrong buttons when the tears cause her mascara to run. I mean...c'mon..man up!