03 January 2008

Do You Read Michael Totten ?

You should.
He's one of the few reporters in Iraq givin' us the straight poop-

"Another young boy came up and gave me a high-five. They often do this to the Marines. Whatever the adults in Fallujah might think of Americans, the kids really do seem to like us.
Eight year olds do not have politics."

Right Michael. But eight year olds reach gun-carrying age pretty quickly, and today's "high-fives" make the future of Iraq look brighter.

It's worth your time to go read Michael's column here.

This post was originally titled "Do You Read Michael Yon?"
Two embedded reporters are risking their lives to report the truth in Iraq...
Michaels Yon, and Totten. I got 'em confused.
Punish me.

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