11 April 2007

The Reverend Al

This guy is a buffoon.

Considering his history,
why does anyone give him the spotlight he so rabidly pursues?

What right does he have to
throw stones at anyone?


Flyin Dutchman said...

Definitely not coming to defend Rev. Al but Don Imus from what I have gathered off the net about his comments, portrays perfectly what is shown in the movie Borat.

Personally if I was an ex coke addict and alcoholic I would be a little more reserved with the comments he is known for.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sad to see Imus go. I do think its interesting to ask what it is that allows all the other far more disgusting jerks on the radio to operate with impunity. Imus was utterly irrelevant in any case.

And I agree that guys like Al aren't exactly in a place to throw stones.

the golden horse said...

You mean "Lying Al and commit perjury in the Tawana Brawley case Sharpton". Yeah, right, Like I would listen to anything he says about anything.