05 April 2007

Doggy Bloggy

As in real life, Desi and Lucy have separated.

Those of you new to Pitchpull need to catch up on our doggy news so you're up to speed.

When we got Desi, our miniature Dachshund, he was supposed to be Big Bubba's dog, AND his responsibility. Complications of family life meant those duties frequently became his Mom and Dad's... he'd be too busy with outside activities to make it home and take care of his dog, so Sara Jean and I would pick up the slack. If I sat down, Desi was in my lap. Of course, Sara Jean and I were both quite attached to him.

Big Bubba graduated college. He immediately accepted a job in Mesa, Arizona. When we moved him there, after much discussion, he took Desi with him. Our melancholy "empty nest" feelings included not only missing our son, but losing half of the "Desi and Lucy" team.
Lucy felt it too. Whenever we would come back from being outside, immediately upon entering the house she would run to Big Bubba's bedroom. I can only assume she was looking for Desi.

Now two months have passed, and the dust has settled. Big Bubba loves his new job and is enjoying rubbing it in that it is 85 degrees and Sunny in Mesa while it is 45 degrees and raining here in the Midwest. We check in on him via webcam about once a week. He looks great, and with Destin jumping up on our son's lap, we can see that he also has made a satisfactory transition.

We're leaving tomorrow (Friday) morning to fly out to Mesa for a few days. It seems silly... we're looking forward to visiting with our son, but we're also happily anticipating visting with Desi for a few days. Lucy is not a concern... she's such a well-behaved little gal, friends look forward to keeping her while we're gone. It's comforting that we don't have to leave her in a kennel, in the care of strangers.

A cold front whisked through here two days ago dropping our temperatures more than twenty degrees. There is a "hard freeze" warning here tonight. The forecast for tomorrow is typical Phoenix: Sunny and 90 degrees. We'll be in shorts and short-sleeves as we walk Desi.

I'll update you from Mesa.

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