26 February 2007

The Sun Rises

Another of the things I like about working nights-
I see a lot of sunrises.
Sometimes I'm finishing up a flight, returning to my base of operations as the sun peaks it's head above the horizon. A pretty sunrise viewed from the cockpit is a gift from God.
They're a reminder that no matter what happens, the world turns, and life goes on.

My job, by definition, exposes me to a lot of turmoil and tragedy.
I frequently have to remind myself the patient and family I'm dealing with may be having the worst day of their lives. There is an odd satisfaction in being a part of the solution to their problem... one of the first, (and critical), links toward healing. And the neat thing is, more and more, there is medical help for our patient, a probable successful outcome, no matter what their problem.

I woke this morning, checked my email, and was guided to this post at Andrea's Blog, where I read news that concerns me.
ThirdWaveDave is another of the many people I know only via computer... I read his blog regularly, and have had a few contacts via email. He's a guy I had looked forward to being able to tell lies to over a beer (or three) one day.

Links in Andrea's post provide the "sunrise" I had hoped for-

"Until recently, the only successful treatment of CML was to destroy the patient's bone marrow and then restore blood-cell production by infusing stem cells from the bone marrow of a healthy donor."
And then... "But now treatment with the drug imatinib mesylate (Gleevec® also known STI571) appears to be able to cure the disease. "

The link goes on in detail with how the medication binds with cells in order to control the problem... my eyes glazed over trying to sort it out. I already had the news I wanted...
90% of those treated have good outcomes.

I'm sure Dave is glad to know that. I'm glad to know that too, so I can continue looking forward to sharing that beer. But I'm also aware that side effects from these medications can make life uncomfortable for those taking them, so the road Dave has to take may be covered in potholes for a while. And... 90% ain't 100%, no matter how much we'd like it to be. Prayer and good wishes can help to insure our friend TWD is part of the 90% that responds favorably to the treatment.

So please, my friends, join me in wishing TWD well. He stops by here regularly to read, so you can either comment here, or at the link to his site above.

And Dave, keep us updated on your progress.
The first, second, and THIRD rounds are on me!

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Terry said...

Just out of High school my grandfather was living with us. I awoke to a raining day. I thought and expressed my self to him on what a rotten day it was with a lot of four letter words. Grandpapa stepped in between one of my fits about the rain and Stated. "Terry you know the Sun will shine tomorrow". As I drove to college that day it hit me. Each day has it ups and downs. Tomorrow will be better. Thanks Grandpapa. I look at each day as it comes from then on.
TWD the best to ya.