21 February 2007

I Control Your Mind!

Yes, I can, and will, unless you resist the temptation to click here.

(But you won't be able to resist, and I'll have successfully implanted an evil that will occupy your mind for days!)


k said...

You got me! What's funny to me is that I was visiting a friend from college and her husband kept making that noise -- that noise that now I know if "Manah manah" -- at their 2-year-old son, who would then laugh hysterically for 10 minutes! Finally I'm in on it!

the golden horse said...

Whew...Thanks goodness I am safe. I no longer have any mind to control. Thanks for the laugh.

cary said...

Evil. Pure and simple evil.

Thanks for the laugh!

Aviatrix said...

Nope, never clicked. You don't control my mind.