16 October 2006

Road Observations

The better part of 12 hours-
that's what it takes us to drive home from Destin.
I average 60 miles per hour, including stops for gas, grub, and "rest".

We see a big change in weather coming North this time of year.
We also get a chance to see lots of different driving styles..... good, bad, and ugly.
Allow me to vent for a second:

My dear Ms. HUGE SUV-
There is a reason they call it the "acceleration lane".
It was NOT built so you could drive down really close to the traffic going 70 miles per hour, come to a complete stop, and look over your left shoulder waiting for an opening in that lane nearest you!

And Mr. and Ms. Rubbernecker-
I realize it is the law in many states-
when you approach the flashing lights of a Police Car stopped alongside the road, you should pull over to the left lane, as far from the patrol car as possible.
I'm pretty sure that law does not say you need to slow to 40 miles per hour to gawk at the Policeman and the poor law breaker to whom he's issuing a citation.
By slowing to half the speed limit in the fast lane, you create a hazard yourself because the attention of other drivers is also divided.

And I don't want to forget Mr. Rabbit-
I normally drive 5 miles an hour above the speed limit, but that's not nearly fast enough for you, is it?
You blow by me fast enough to cause a vacuum that sways my car.
Then, when we come to the inevitable 10 mile stretch of barrels in the construction zone, reducing traffic to one lane, I see you five cars ahead of me in the line. You risk being one of those stopped by Mr. Policeman, and use a ton of fuel in the process, just to end up 100 or so feet ahead of me in the queue?
Is it worth the stress and the extra money for gas?
Slow down a little, Mr. Rabbit, and watch for Ms. Suv, and Mr. Rubbernecker!

You'll experience much less stress on your journey, and so will I!


Rubberducky1.0 said...

Amen to that.

Update from AZ.

Just got the call and might get a DPE to fit me in this weekend for my CFI check ride. My brother just got his on Tuesday along with a friend of ours.

Combine that with having to move to Phoenix by the end of the 31st, and this is proving to be an exciting month in the Hardy household.

anyway, feels good to get back in and check up. laters

Greybeard said...

Good to hear from you RD.
Come back and fill us in on your results.... and Best of Luck!