07 October 2006

Like It Was Meant To Be....

Since she is 5' 11" tall and mostly legs, Sara Jean sometimes has trouble finding clothing that fits. There's a shop on Main Street in our little town that carries nice jogging outfits, and she had found some that fit her in the past. "Let's stop off there and see if they have some I like".
I nose the car into the curb between two other cars. It's early Saturday afternoon, so there is considerable traffic on Main Street. As we were walking toward the door of the shop I caught a glimpse of a black blur peeking out from a car 30 or so feet away, then retreating. When I focused in that direction it reappeared....... a tiny black puppy, maybe 3 pounds worth...... frightened, scrawny, and a little sickly looking.

Big Bubba had seen it too, and was already on his way. With the traffic whizzing by, this puppy would soon be a canine frisbee if someone didn't get it under control. The puppy popped out again and Big Bubba stooped to one knee on the sidewalk......."come here little one"! The pup started toward him, then retreated again. He called again and it came to him. When he picked it up, it hugged and licked him.

We went up and down the street, inquiring at other shops. No one in the shops or on the street knew anything about this skinny pup...... a little girl.
We took her home.

We were a little fearful about how the miniature Dachshund would react to her. He's only 10 months old, and we knew he would resent her moving in on his territory. He did immediately go and make his mark, and we punished him for it. But he also began to play with her...... gently at first, then more rough as she showed she could dish it out about as well as he could. In 10 minutes they were both covered with one another's saliva from gnawing on each other.

She ate like a horse when offered food, then drank her fill. Soon she found a lap and went to sleep.

We called the newspaper. We called the radio station. We called the Police. No one was worrying about a lost pup.

We named the Doxie Destin, because we were on our way to that Florida town when we got word he would be ours. We frequently shorten that to "Desi".
When two days had passed and it looked like this Little Miss would be ours to keep, we puzzled over a name for her.
I thought of Desi and...... Lucy.

Lucy now cocks her head when she hears you call her name.
If you want to claim her, you'd better bring a gun...... we won't give her up easily!

Everyone she meets falls in love with her. She's not like most little dogs...... not nervous at all.
"How old is she?"
"We have no idea. She adopted us last week".
"What is she?"
"We don't know. What do you think?"

We've decided to call her a Yorkie-Poo, 'cause she looks like a good 50-50 cross of those two breeds.

She goes to sleep the moment you give her a lap to occupy. I've got a lapful of dog as I type now, head and front legs slung over my leg, rear legs hanging between my legs.

How is it someone abandoned this delightful creature?




A great story, Greybeard. You take good care of the little one, you hear?

k said...

Oh, come on! No picture?!

Greybeard said...

K, I knew I shoulda taken a pic and posted it!
I'll have one for ya in a short-short.

the golden horse said...

Finally a happy delightful story most news worthy. Thanks for the lift.

TwoDogs said...

Fantastic! Now Big Bubba has his own. Or does he? Cinders says this is great also. Enjoy the addition, I'm sure that Desi does. Lucy sounds like a sweetie. If there is a Desi Jr. - what will he look like????

TwoDogs said...

P.S. Lucy was lucky to find Desi & such a caring Family...

Big Bubba to the rescue.. Thank You!

Di said...

It happens all the time that people abandon their 'pets'. My daughter worked for a veterinarian for years and could tell you many heartbreaking stories. Both of my kids have a houseful of pets, most that were found in trees, abandoned and starving (this was the condition of the latest kitten/ addition to my daughter's family of pets), or on the side of the road, etc. Between our family members, we share 14 pets, several rescued from conditions similar to those you've described! I've got four at my house besides my parrot. Some we've kept until a home was found, but many we kept and added to the zoo because, like you, we formed attachments and just could not let go!

Your lil puppy sounds like a cutie, and my first question also was where is the pic?! Lucy sounds adorable in every way!! Lucky for her that she 'ran into' you two!!

I can ask my daughter how to determine age...she's become expert at that! I know you can look at their teeth...whether or not the baby teeth are intact or already replaced with new ones. I'll ask for any other ways to arrive at an age.

Enjoy!!! And please DO post that pic!!!