17 August 2006

Lebanon = Hezbollah

I've been fascinated with the Hezbollah/Israeli conflict. I think it is a window to our coming conflict with Iran. Round one has gone to Hezbollah and their Iranian benefactors.

I'm no foreign policy expert, but I think this outcome benefits Israel in an odd way, and unfortunately that benefit leads to much more chaos in Lebanon:
Lebanon now IS Hezbollah.

Do any of you believe that diplomacy will work in this case;
that Hezbollah will abide by the U.N. resolutions, lay down their arms and live peacefully with their Jewish neighbors?
Nor do I.

So it's just a question of time until the fuze is once again lit. And when the shooting resumes, no one can honestly say that Hezbollah is just a faction of the Lebanese government and complain about "innocent" Lebanese lives being lost. By siding so heavily with Hezbollah, Lebanon has chosen the dark side of the force.......

And Israel will no longer be dealing with "innocents".

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