10 August 2006

Dateline: Torrance, California

My body thinks it is midnight. The clock says it is 10 P.M..

We are safely in the Ramada Inn in Torrance, CA., a block from where they assemble Robinson Helicopters. We're tired, but what could have been a horrible experience with the newly installed emergency screening measures turned out to be only a minor inconvenience. We checked the bag with our toothpaste and deodorant in it. TSA officers were more prevalent and did "spot checks" of ladies purses and some hand-carried baggage as we were in line to board the airplane, but it all went smoothly.

Larry and Mary Kay provided wheels to "El Zarape" for a wonderful Mexican dinner and great fellowship. Thank you both!

The money is in place. Weather permitting, with the paperwork completed in the morning, we'll be Eastbound along I-10 once again, with a new R44.

I'll keep ya posted.


T Bear said...

Watch that gas cap on those stop overs.

the golden horse said...

Take care and keep us posted, love to hear your progress.
Safe Flying dear friend.