04 July 2005

The New Car, Part III

It's in the garage.......this new car that we initially thought we couldn't even afford!

It's BY FAR the nicest car I have ever owned........loaded with all the stuff that comes on a luxury car.

But there was an odd disappointment about it..........

When we decided we needed a new car, we really had no idea what brand or model we wanted, but the idea was exciting........a new car!

We started looking at what was available. Sara Jean would see a car she liked, and we would discuss the pros and cons of buying one like it.
Thinking about it and planning the purchase gave us something to look forward to together!

Then she saw a car she loved, and when I saw it, I also loved the look of it. But it was too expensive for our budget at the time.

So we postponed our purchase and continued saving to build up our down payment, and continued dreaming about purchasing something nicer than we had ever owned.

When the car was safely in the garage and the dream realized, the anticipation of buying it was gone. It was odd how I missed the "looking forward" to that purchase.

I thought of the rich and super-rich, and how they NEVER get to have that feeling of anticipation........the feel of having to work hard to be able to purchase something nice.......something that will make your life better.......something you can be proud of!
When Bill Gates wants to purchase a Ferrari, all he has to do is open his checkbook and write the check. There is no dream........no anticipation.

How sad.

Because oddly, for me, the fantasy of buying the car was more fun than actually owning it!

Do ya think that's weird?


Aviatrix said...

Not in the least. It's why I'm scared of getting my dream job.

medicmom said...

Not weird at all for us working folks. My hubby and I recently purchaced a new pick-up truck and during the week he was getting everything squared away, I was like a kid on a long trip saying, "are we there yet, are we there yet". I couldn't wait to get his new truck home.

clint said...

I am still pretty young, but am learning that money alone doesn't make life worth living. i would rather do what i love and work hard for what i have than have everything handed to me on a silver platter.