13 July 2005

Dennis Update:

Some of you have emailed to ask about my Sister's home and Mom's apartment. Thank you for caring!

Sis's home survived just fine, as did Mom's facility. Both were temporarily without power, but that is now also restored.

There are pockets in the community that suffered from winds strong enough to do serious damage. Tornadoes? It doesn't matter if it was straight line winds or tornadoes, the damage in some areas is very serious and individual families have suffered greatly. Restoration of power in those areas may take several days or even weeks.
Imagine 95 degrees and the inability to even get yourself a glass of ice water!

We are now watching the approach of Emily. Right now it looks as if she will track farther West.......putting us in the uncomfortable position of being glad someone else will suffer her consequences!

It may be a really long, hot summer!

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Anonymous said...

Always good news to get confirmation of "All is well". Talked to mommanurse and got an update. Hope the condo survived.